Sunday, April 18, 2010

Speak To Us Lord

Speak to us in words of prophecy, Lord God

And may we discern the truth of Your Word

Speak to us in words of challenge and vision

And may we be willing to be tested to our limits

Speak to us in words of love and comfort

And may we be empowered by them for action

Speak to us in words of wisdom and revelation

And may we be fed by them, day and night

Speak to us in words of faith and sound teaching

And may we accept the Bible’s truth and honesty

Speak to us in words used by the Lord to bless the crowds

And may we use them again to bless our troubled world

Speak to us in words which change all things for good

And may we grasp them now, not let them go ... forever


Loren said...

Give us ears Lord ~ Let us hear what the Spirit is saying!

Bless you my friend! I love you soooo!

Anonymous said...

you are a True Blessing Denise :)

RCUBEs said...

Amen sister! Give us an open heart and mind Lord. To hear Your Word clearly. Have a great week and God bless.

Alicia said...

Amen! Another great, encouraging post, Denise! I hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

eph2810 said...

Amen to that, Denise. I pray that more people in this world would seek comfort in His Truth.

Love & peace,

Karen said...

Amen...we are listening Father....

Karen said...

Wonderful, I have been praying for greater discernment. Have I told you how adorable your background is? Thank you for being a blessing to so many people. I speak health and strength over you and hubby in Jesus name!

Cathy said...

Beautiful, my friend ~ Love and Hugs ~