Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Health Update

Hey everybody, sorry I have been missing. Been a busy little bee, bzz bzz! I feel like I live at the Doctors office, lucky me, lol. Here is an update on my health. I saw my cardiologist last Monday, and got some bad news. I had to do a halter monitor 24 hour test. It showed a problem with my breathing.Hey everybody, sorry I have been missing. Been a busy little bee, bzz bzz! I feel like I live at the Doctors office, lucky me, lol. Here is an update on my health. I saw my cardiologist last Monday, and got some bad news. I had to do a halter monitor 24 hour test. It showed a problem with my breathing. I am not getting enough air in. I am now on two inhalers. I go back to see him on May 20th for testing ,to find out what is causing this problem. I also saw my therapist last week. She is a very nice lady. I think talking to her will help me. I finally am on some medicine that helps me sleep like a baby. I saw my endocrinologist yesterday, I have lost 40 pounds, ,I weigh 116 now. M y blood sugars are crazy again. He changed the way I take my insulin. I have a very specific prayer request. My left big toe has a pre-ulcer on it. It is black in the middle, which means there is blood in it. It keeps coming back. If it becomes a full blown ulcer, I could lose my toe. I am not worried, my true Physician is on the job, as usual. If I were to lose my toe, I would be ok. It is just a toe, praise God, I have my life. You know me, I have to be different. lol I would still be doing my shortybear dance!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Through The Fire

 I got very sick on November 10, Eddie took me to the ER. We thought it was my diabetes, as always. Well, it was my diabetes, I was in DKA, and also had an infection in my pancreas. But, the big surprise, I was having a heart attack. They put me in intensive care, and did a triple bypass on Wednesday, November 12. They really did not think I was going to survive. They actually started telling Eddie to prepare to bring hospice care out for me. I made it through the surgery, then had to go to rehab, to relearn to walk. I now have to use a walker. Sunday, it had been five months since my heart surgery. As you can imagine, the medical bills are a mile high. I feel like the hospital is my second home. Things have been rough, in every way. I have truly felt the flames licking at my heels. One month ago, this coming Wednesday, I attempted suicide by an overdose.  Am I proud of this??? Of course not, but it is, what it is. There is no need to lie about it, or sugar coat it.  I love the Lord, as always. I believe in Him more each day. Without Him, I would have been gone a long time ago, with Him, I have precious eternal life. I am far from a perfect daughter to my gracious Father, but, I Am Forgiven!!!!!The fires of hell tried their best to consume me, but my Living Water, as always, saved me. I am rising up out of the ashes, Father is not finished with me yet. Praying, loving, and thanking you all.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Won't Let Go

Please, if you get a chance, listen to the song that is now playing on my blog. The name of the song is I won't let go, it is sung by the country group Rascal Flats. Read the lyrics. This song has greatly touched my heart. I feel it is a love song filled with comfort, from my heavenly Father. Crying big tears here. Thank You Father.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Cold, Brrrrr

Wow, it is really cold here in Chattanooga!! The high today was 42, I am truly chilling, lol  Sitting around with my blanket, which of course, I had to share with Coco. Drinking lots of hot tea. Delicious flavors like honey vanilla chamomile, blackberry vanilla, chai, and sweet harvest spiced pumpkin. Yummy in my tummy. Wish you were all here, would love to share my tea with you. Please stay warm.

Friday, October 31, 2014


Hope everyone had a nice Halloween, and stayed safe. I asked Coco what she wanted to be for Halloween, guess what she wanted to be?? A dog, lol Well, she is the cutest dog ever!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dancing Through The Storms

Wow, the storms are raging wildly in my life right now. Financially, things are in a total mess. My health is quickly falling apart. I am fighting to not go blind, and to not totally lose my mobility. My diabetes is wrecking my body. My blood sugar goes up over 600, stays that way for several hours, then quickly begins to drop. Very scary!! Wednesday, my blood sugar had been over 600 all day, then it dropped to 27. I was so out of it, do not remember anything. Eddie had to tell me what happened. He thought he was going to have to call an ambulance, I kept falling asleep. He could not get it to go back up. A normal blood sugar is 70-100, mine was 27, 29, 33, 37, and finally, an hour later, it finally went to 87. Every time this happens, it wears me out. But, you know what?? No matter how severe the storms keep raging, I refuse to be swept away. No, I will forever stand upon Christ, my Solid Rock. He will not allow my feet, no matter how numb, dead, and useless they are, to slip from His precious hands. He will continue to guide me, through the dance of life. I will forever be thankful, to have Him as my dance partner.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Work Delayed

Hello sweet friends, praying you are all doing well. Eddie and I really need your prayers. Eddie received a phone call from his job, they told him he does not have to take a drug/alchol test. But, he has to go take a functionality test, it will take 2 and a half hours. It is to show his job, if he can still perform the job duties, he was doing before he broke his foot. After the test, the physical therapist, will contact his job with the results. Then, his job will contact him, let him know if he passed the test, and when he can return to work. They scheduled the test for November 10th, they said they were totally booked up until then. Please pray that he will pass the test, so he can return to work. Also, please be in much pray concerning our finances. Praise God, Eddie had been putting money back every week when he was working. But, we had to use quite a bit of it to get our car fixed, keep our monthly bills paid, and of course, buy some groceries. But, we knew it would not last forever. Our November rent is coming due, plus the other monthly bills. They stopped his short term disability, and family medical leave. He was only getting $169.00 every other week, but, it helped us. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated. Love you all so much.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Eye Appointment

Well, this afternoon was my eye appointment. I failed the eye chart test, of course. They did two other types of test on me. One was testing my optic nerve, the other one, not quite sure. But, I failed both of them. Could not see out of my left eye, total blackness. The right eye had improved a little bit at my last appointment in July, but, the doctor said it is worse now. Very weak. He usually has me come back in three months, but, this time, I have to go back in two weeks for more test. Please pray for my vision. God sweetly bless you all.