Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weekend Update

Hello sweet friends, hope you all have enjoyed your weekend. Friday, we had to take Coco to the vet for her yearly check up. She passed with flying colors, she is in great health. Woo Hoo, praise God!! The only problem she has, is very high anxiety. She gets so nervous, if she hears fireworks, sirens, thunder or rain, weed eaters, lawnmowers, or if she has to ride in the car. She starts panting really bad, shaking, and hides. After telling her vet about all of this, and he saw how she was acting at the appointment, he wrote a prescription for her. Poor Coco, she is now on Xanax. I am praying that it will help her. It cost $212.00 at the vet!! But, she is worth it, and much more. Eddie has been off of work since Friday, he goes back Thursday. This week, is inventory at the plant. I have not felt very well this weekend. Sinus problems, breathing problems, and experiencing chest pains. Would appreciate your prayers, love you all so much. Bye for now.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Five Minute Friday-Try

From the very beginning of my life, God has told me to try. Even though, I was an attempted abortion, my parents did not want me. God said, try Denise, you are here for a reason. I created you, so I could love you. When my step father sexually abused me, and my mom did not believe me, and sent me to live with my sister, who a few months later kicked me out., I had to live with some neighbors down the street, who made me quit school, and get a job, so they could take my money. Through all of that, God kept whispering in my ear saying, keep trying, we can get through this. When I had my stroke, and then my heart attack, and triple bypass surgery, God was there, saying, keep trying, I've got this. March of this year, when I attempted suicide, and had to go to rehab, guess what?? God was right by my side, cheering me on, as always. Saying, once again, try. Do not quit living, you can do this, I will never leave you alone. Try everyone, please do not give up. Believe me, I know how very hard this journey, called life can be. But, you are never alone, God is with you, carrying you, and cheering you on to victory. Tomorrow is another day to wake up, and try, try again.  I promise, God can, and will, turn your try, into a glorious triumph.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thankful Thursday

I am very thankful that I have not been in the hospital since April, praise God. I am thankful that even though my walking is unsteady, and slow, I can still walk. I am thankful that I found a diabetic foot specialist, that will be seeing me on Monday. I am thankful, that my God reassures me that He can bring healing to the black ulcer on my big left toe. I am thankful, that God has brought so many good Doctors into my life. They are all working together on my behalf, praise God. I am thankful, that even though my vision continues to get worse, I can still see through these fading eyes. I am thankful, that I woke up this morning. Praise God!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Loft Link-Up-My Hero

My Hero is Jesus . He is the worlds greatest super hero. Super hero's in the movies, and on television are not real. Their powers are not real. They cannot save the world, but, Jesus can.  Just one touch from His precious hands, or one word, from His  precious mouth, and you my friend, will never be the same.,  Awesome power?? Try carrying all the sins of the world, upon your shoulders. Jesus did!! Pain tolerance?? Jesus was nailed to a cross!! Yet, He never got angry, instead, He asked His Father to forgive them, for they know not what they do. My Hero, has saved my life more than once. He carried me through a stroke, a heart attack, triple bypass surgery, and attempted suicide. Everyday, He helps me deal with all the damage that type 1 diabetes has done to me.  He loves me, just as I am. He forgives me daily, as I fail Him. Now, that, in my opinion, is a true Hero!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday Afternoon

We need to take our eyes off of ourselves, and take a closer look at others. Quit focusing on yourself, focus on the needs of others for a change. Instead of being self centered, be God centered, which in turn, will make you worldly centered. There are so many hurting people all over the world, including your next door neighbors. Wake up, and get busy, before it is too late. Start today, if you see someone in need, do not ignore them, or push them away. Instead, lift them up to new heights, by sharing the love of the Lord. Not only will it make them feel better, you will also feel much better. So, go out, and see how many frowns, you can help turn upside down today.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Love, and all that it means

I love my husband Eddie, with every bit of my heart, now, and always. We have been together for thirty years, have had our share of ups, and downs. The vows say, for better, or worse, not better, or best!! But, this journey I am on with my life right now, is taking many turns, and twists. I am having to dig deep with my counselor, and I am beginning to strip away layers, that have been weighing me down, and causing much pain for a very long time now. I know that Eddie loves me, but his words, and actions, can cut really deep. Example, for a very long time now, I have been battling with my weight. At my heaviest weight, I weighed, 258, After my mom passed away in 2006, I started losing weight, got under 200. Then, when I had my stroke in 2011, I actually became anorexic, at one point, I weighed 105.  I gained back up to 155, until I had my heart attack, and triple bypass in November 2014.  I started losing weight again. I now bounce back and forth, between 117-120. Of course, when I look in the mirror, I see myself as huge. I am working on this in counseling also. Eddie has really not been trying to help me with this at all . He constantly tells me that I do not look good at this size, he says I look sick. He has really been pressuring me to gain weight, wanted me to weigh between 150-155. Even though, that is not what I wanted to weigh. Well, now that he had the monitor put in his heart for three years, guess what?? Last night, he informed me, that I am not to ever weigh over 125. I asked him what had changed his mind? He said, if you were to fall, and you were over 125, I could not pick you up!! I am not mad at him, but he hurt me. He never considers my feelings,  My counselor, keeps telling me, that I have got to quit being a floor mat for people to walk over.  This is something very hard to learn, have done it all my life. Unfortunately, Eddie knows that, and always keeps his walking shoes close by. Bless you all for listening, love you all.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Five Minute Friday- Ten

I have never been, or will ever be a ten, not by this worlds standards. I have no hair, did you notice that about me?? lol I barely have any eyebrows. My weight goes up, and down, like a yo-yo.  My face?? No, I refuse to go there!! Remember the movie Ten, with Bo Dereck? If  I were to put on a bathing suit, and go jogging by the ocean, a state of emergency would be issued. But, guess what? None of that matters to my Father. He loves me, just as I am, flaws, and all. Wait a minute, let me reconsider this. My Father created me in His image, and He is totally awesome. He does not make junk. So, that means, I take after my Father. Which, in conclusion, that means I am far beyond a ten!! So are you!! Blessings everyone.