Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I am online until tonight. Wanted to post some pictures, and a video. Love you all so very much. If anyone would like to write me, here is my address. Denise Oldham-510 Central Drive Apt. 1502 Chattanooga Tennessee 37421

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bye For Now

It has been almost a week since I gave an update. Eddie's dad Bill, is doing much better, he got to come home from the hospital yesterday, praise God. Monday, July 28th, Eddie goes back to see the Doctor. They will be doing an x-ray of his foot. We will find out if he is able to go back to work now, or if he still needs healing time. Financially, things are not good. We are still waiting to see if he is going to be approved for short term disability. He got a check the first week he was off, it was for $90.00. The second week, he got a check for $72.00. He got nothing this week. Rent is due this coming Friday, August 1st. Eddie had put back some money, praise God. We are having to use it to get our car fixed, $1,891.00. They said the car should be ready by the end of next week. We received a letter today from our lawyer, he dropped us as his client. He said he did not believe he could win our case. Our landlord is not liable for anything. The tree falling, was an act of nature. Case closed. So, as you can all imagine, it has been a very sad day here at the Oldham's. Experiencing a mixture of emotions. Sadness, worry, hurt. But, God is still with us, watching over us. He will never leave us. I am holding on extra tightly to the hem of His garment. Where would I be without Him??? Where could I turn, but to Him. As of Monday, July 28th, I will be offline. Financially, I cannot afford to pay for internet service right now. I will be back as soon as I possibly can. Please take care, and know that you are all loved, and prayed for. Please do not forget me, I will be thinking of you all, and missing you. Bye for now.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sailing with the Oldhams

Well, the adventure continues my friends. In the early morning hours of Friday, Eddie had to call an ambulance to come and get me. I was very sick all day Thursday, and not acting right. They thought it might be a stroke, but it was my diabetes. Praise God, I got to come home yesterday evening. Eddie's mom picked him up, and brought him to get me from the hospital yesterday evening. When she got back home, she called and told us, that she had found Eddie's dad, sitting at the living room table, unresponsive, and he had thrown up on himself. She called an ambulance, and they were taking him to the hospital. I called my niece , and she came over, picked us up, and took us to the hospital. Wow, did we look pitiful. There was Eddie, broken foot, wearing a boot, and using crutches. Then, there was me, had just gotten home from the hospital, all bruised up. His dad will be seeing two different doctors tomorrow, and having some tests done. Then, we will know more. Please continue to pray, love you all so much. We are going through some really rough storms right now, but that is ok. God is the Master of our sea, and He is sailing with us.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Hey sweet friends. Believe it or not, it's me, checking in on all of you. I love and miss you all so very much. Please don't forget me, I could never forget all of you. Coco is feeling better, praise God. She sends her love, and tail wags. She stays very close by my side, she knows I really need her. Eddie is bored, and stressed. We still have not gotten our car fixed. Waiting to see what is going to happen with all of this mess.  If you have time, please listen to the video that is playing on my blog. I really love this song. It touches me deeply. Never doubt yourselves my friends. Be who you are, because you are beautiful, and precious, just because you are you. Besides, it does not matter who you are, it matters whose you are, and you belong to the King of the world. Shine on!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hello Friends

Hello my friends, how are you all doing? I hope you are all doing well. We went to see a lawyer yesterday, he is very nice. Which is a precious blessing. He talked to us for awhile, then agreed to take our case. He is going to try to help us get help with the medical bills, pain and suffering, our car, and time that Eddie has to be out of work. Thanks for praying, please do not stop. I love you all. Praise God for being with us.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Feeling overwhelmed

Happy Sonday everyone. Feeling a bit overwhelmed today. After all, I am only human. Eddie has been sleeping most of the day, Coco too. My back is killing me, every time I move, it hurts. Realizing that I have blocked, and narrowed verterbra arteries in my brain, along with the blocked cerebella arteries in my brain, is a scary thing. But, I am clinging tightly to my God, never letting go. Tears are healing, He is catching them, and putting them in a jar.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Hello everyone, sorry I have not given an update since Wednesday. Things have been very crazy here. I hope you all enjoyed the fourth, and are enjoying the rest of your weekend. We have an
appointment Monday afternoon at 3 P.M. with a lawyer, praise God. Eddie now has a knee walker, praise God.  I found out about two new medical problems, at the end of last week. But, God is still in control. I am hurting badly in my lower back on the left side, I hurt it when I fell on our parking lot, when Coco ran , causing me to lose my balance. The new medical problems are: Motor Neuron Disease, and blocked and narrowed vertebral arteries in my brain. Please keep praying, love and appreciate all of you very much.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wednesday Update

Another day has passed my friends, hope you are all doing well. Here at the Oldham's, we are alive, so we give God all the praise. Last night, I took Coco outside, so she could do her nightly business. We got out back, and she started running, I lost my balance, and fell on the parking lot. Thank God, I caught myself, or I would have hit the back of my head on the pavement. Instead, I took a hard fall on my bottom. I hurt my bottom, and hands, and trying to get up, hurt my knees. Thankfully, Coco came back, and I was able to get back to our apartment. The guy came out today to fix our back window shield on the car. Unfortunately, he said the frame around the window, is so badly bent, and damaged, it cannot be fixed. We have to get the body damage fixed first. His rough estimate, to just get the window frame damage fixed-$800.00-$1500.00 That does not include the dents in the car. I called the lawyer, never got ahold of him. Calling back early in the morning, hope fully will be able to get an appointment. Keep praying, love you all.