Monday, April 19, 2010

The Things Of God

The things of God are immeasurable, and inestimable:

His love is more precious to us, than any gift we can receive;

His support is more steadfast, than the foundations of a tower;

His grace is more awesome, than any experience we may have;

His faithfulness is more consistent, than the seasons of the earth;

His promises are more assured, than any due processes of law;

His future is more certain, than the science of an atomic clock;

His healing is more complete, than the circle of the globe;

His salvation is more secure, than the safest of homes;

And if we have problems, then it is us who must change.


Alicia said...

I loved that line about salvation!!!

Sharon Brumfield said...

That about summed it glad the problem is not in His hands since those are the hands that are holding you and me.
Love ya girl....stopping in to wish you a great week before I head out the door. :)

Andrea said...

Hope you are having an awesome week.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Denise :)

Karen said...

Amen...very good...I loved the salvation line, too....

Angel Muly said...

Love these things of God!!! Believing we can change to be all he wants us to be. Love you, Angel

luvmy4sons said...

Change...or learn to lean. Blessings sister.