Wednesday, November 4, 2015

This Is Me Challenge

Home life:
*Describe the places you've lived. An apartment in Chicago Illinois, Three different houses in Huntsville Alabama, Four houses in Chattanooga Tennessee, Three duplexes in Chattanooga Tennessee, Three apartments in Chattanooga Tennessee, Two apartments in Georgia, One trailer in Chattanooga, One house in Georgia.
*What was your favorite house, or apartment?  Why? The apartment where Eddie, and I live now. We have lived here since September 2000. We have made many memories here.
*How do you like to decorate? Candles, angels, colors.
*What is it about home, that you love? The people that fill it, Eddie, and my precious fur baby, Coco.
*How has your standard of life, changed through the years? It really hasn't . I am me, very down to earth.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet!!! hugs~