Monday, November 2, 2015

This Is Me Challenge

*What are some of your personal, and family traditions, for each holiday?  (New Years, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Easter, Christmas, etc.) New Year's Eve, Eddie and I watch television, to see the ball drop in Times Square. We have pizza, with some of our favorite snacks. At midnight, we kiss, and talk about all of our blessings, from the previous year. Memorial Day, we go on a picnic at the river park. Independence Day, we go to the amusement park, and watch the fireworks show. Easter, I go see my precious great nephew, and take him a bunch of goodies. Thanksgiving, we go to my sister in-law's for dinner, and then, go to Eddie's parents for dessert. Christmas, we go to my sister in-law's for dinner, and to exchange gifts, then, we go to Eddie's parents, for dessert, and to exchange gifts.  
*What traditions have you carried over, from your childhood?  Which ones, did you start in your own family? From my childhood, I carried over dinner, and exchanging gifts with family. Eddie, and I, exchange gifts with each other, on Christmas Eve night.
*How do you celebrate, adult's birthdays? Go visit the person, and give them a gift, let them know they are loved.
*How do you celebrate, children's birthdays? Take them gifts, and shower them with love, and hugs.
*How do you celebrate, your anniversary? Eddie and I, go to eat at our favorite restaurant, and then go home, and have delicious birthday cake.


LeAnn said...

I liked all of your traditions. We celebrate our children and grandchildren's birthday when we are able to be with them. Most of my grandchildren live away from us. We always call them on their birthday and send them a card and a little money. I have 32 grandchildren so we can't afford to do much for them.
We usually always go out to dinner for our birthdays and sometimes a movie.
We always have a Christmas family party with all the children that can come. We have a Nativity program with music and scriptures from the New Testament nativity story. The littlest children portray the Nativity. This is my favorite holiday.
Thanks for sharing what you do; I loved it all. Love and hugs sweet friend.

Joyful said...

Enjoyed your day book entry today. So glad you are learning to put yourself first now and then my friend. I'm also glad you will continue with "project me". The quote you've used today is fabulous. We have so many seconds in a day and we should remember to say "Thank you, God" in at least one of them. Hugs. xx