Saturday, October 31, 2015

This Is Me Challenge

Growing up, teenage years:
*What activities did you participate in?  (Sports, dancing, music, arts, etc.)  Explain what you did with each activity.  I was in glee club all through school, loved to sing, still do. Was also in the pep squad, we sat behind the cheerleaders, cheering our team on!! 
*How did you learn how to drive?  What kind of car did you have? Never learned to drive, never had a car.
*Who were your friends? Faye, Norma, Kim, Theresa, Alicia, various others.
*Did you have a girl/boy friend?  Talk about him/her (if your spouse is okay with it!).Michael He was very nice to me, took up for me, when people would make fun of my weight.
*What did you like/dislike about school? I loved my teacher, and learning. I hated being bullied constantly.
*What was your first paid job? I worked running the fun house, at an amusement park.
*What were your chores at home? Keeping my room clean, cooking, vacuuming the house.

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LeAnn said...

Gosh, more fun thoughts on you; I loved it. Well for me my first job was a waitress in High School. I was in Pep Club and we marched a lot. I was usually on the wrong foot. I was never graceful. I loved the High School dances. The gym was always decorated so beautifully. I really love High School. My favorite class was history and I still love history.
By the way, I did receive the book you sent me; it looks like such a good one. Sending love and hugs your way!