Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Braving The Broken-Day 13

Braving The Broken-Day13-5 Reasons to Keep a Journal (and margin symbols to find what you’ve written) - See more at: http://lisaappelo.com/          I keep journals to help me remember special times in my life, God's  faithfulness, prayer requests, memories, how God daily helps me, and much more. Something I learned from Lisa Appelo, and
thank her for sharing, is writing margin reminders in your journals. Examples: Mark a cross in the margin to show something God is teaching you.  A heart, shows something very personal that God has done for you.  A round circle beside a prayer request, means it is an unmet need. When that need is met, you go back, and put a check mark in the circle. I love journaling, it refreshes, and renews me.    


Betty Draper said...

I wish I had this post last week for I substitute taught at a bible study and that weeks study was on journaling. All the ladies there are over 50, some have been journaling for over 30 years and some had never tried it so it was a lively discussion. I will have to read this post to these ladies for I think they would like the symbols. Blessings.

Grantham Lynn said...

I love my journals. I just a few minutes ago moved them. I haven't journaled in over 2 years. I really miss it. I am praying that I'll get the job I just applied for.
It's a secretary position at a church. What a fabulous environment! (insert smile)
I am illustrating scripture now and love it.
Thanks for this post. I enjoyed it!
Have a good week. And thanks for coming over.

Linda said...

Keeping journals is great, Denise! On this note I wanted to share with you something I saw a while back, but it stuck in my mind and I thought you would like to hear about it. The idea was this: Beginning on January 1st, (however, you can begin on any day you wish!), keep a container where you will store the following: each and every single day, write down one good thing that happened! Write the date on the paper and the one good thing that happened, and do this for an entire year. At end end of the year open it and read through it! :)

Love you.

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

I love the idea of putting a circle next to prayer request. Thank so much for sharing! 💗

Terra said...

Those tips are good ones for journaling.

LeAnn said...

I have kept a journal for about 38 years; and journaling is very important in my life. I do love the suggestions you have for your journal. Love, hugs and blessings too!

moreofhim said...

What a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing this, Denise! I love keeping journals, too, and this is such a wonderful way to make them even more special.

Love you, dear friend!!


aspiritofsimplicity said...

Great ideas for journaling. I journal in one of my bibles.