Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Good, The Random, The Fun

The Good from last week-Eddie being released to go back to work, with no restrictions, on September 28th.
 The Random from last week- Finding a new meat market, delicious food!!                                           
  The Fun from last week-At the meat market, there is a really cute cow on the counter. Everytime, someone comes in, or goes out the door, it says really loudly, Moo, Moo!! Eddie and I kept laughing about it, then, Eddie went over to the door, and kept opening it. Eddie would moo, with the cow. Lol                            


Tamar SB said...

What good news indeed!

Anonymous said...

I really miss our good meat market in Texas. Alaska just doesn't have good beef. Salmon, halibut, reindeer, moose....yes...but beef, no.

LeAnn said...

This is a fun one; LOL on the cow part. Sending hugs and love to you two~

my little ✂ cottage said...

Good news Denise, prayed that your husband recovered totally...take care

Saleslady371 said...

Ya know what they say....when a couple is in love it's not too hard to entertain them!
Big hugs,