Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Another Thankful Thursday is here my friends. I have not been online since Saturday, have missed not writing on my blog. Things have been crazy, as usual around here. Running a lot of errands, what me, running, never!! Actually, we drove the car, lol I had an appointment Monday with my counselor Frida. Were any of your ears burning that day?? I was talking about all of you, and how very precious  you all are to me.. You are my heartbeats On this Thankful Thursday, I am very, very thankful for my family of computer friends. Whenever, I get online, I feel at home. I am always greeted with hellos, love, and prayers. You have shared laughter, and many tears with me. We have prayed over many things together. I have received many love gifts from my precious online family members. The gifts include: money, jewelry, flowers, food, gift baskets, clothes, books, cds, and so many lovely cards. My heart overflows with love, and thankfulness to all of you. Please know that you are all very much appreciated, with all of my heart. I could not, and would not, ever forget the love, and prayer support, that has been shown to me, by all of you. I am truly blessed to say, that all of my family, lives in my computer. Now, get out of there, I need a group hug!!


Terra said...

I am happy being your friend and also hearing how you are healing and seeing a counselor. Way to go girl!

Marsha said...

I love seeing the fighter come out in you, my sweet friend. I continue to thank God for you, for sparing your life, and for the many ways you bless my life and the lives of my family. Love you bunches!

Joyful said...

Good to hear you are seeing a counselor Shortybear. Have been trying to leave a comment here for long but could not until today. God bless & continue to heal & keep you. Big hugs xx

LeAnn said...

You truly are a gift of joy with your faithful attitude. I love your grateful heart.
Continue to heal girl and know that I care about you and have prayed and those prayers have been answered.
Love and hugs!

Mom to 3 said...

Here is a great big group hug right back at you, with lots of love.