Sunday, July 5, 2015

Son Worshiper

I have never been a sun worshiper, but I am definitely a Son worshiper. Sun worshiping, can cause burning,  Son worshiping, can prevent burning. You can only sun worship, during the day. You can Son worship, twenty four-seven.  Come join me in Son worshiping, no towels, lotions, oils, or bathing suits. All you need is your heart filled with love for Jesus, and your mouth filled with praise for Him!!


Debbie Huffaker said...

What an awesome analogy!!! So great. HOPE you're doing well....I love your purple top!

LeAnn said...

Oh, you cute girl; I loved this one. You come up with the best thoughts.
Continued blessings for you and your sweet attitude towards our beloved Savior.
Blessings, hugs and love for you!

Peggy said...

AMEN! A happy SON day to you Denise!

I'm with you, in spirit and truth ... singing, dancing and praising the SON!!!

Love you Denise! {this is the Denise I love and miss!!!}