Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Just Me, Being Me

Happy Tuesday sweet friends, pray you are all doing well. Starting tomorrow, I will be visiting all of your blogs, and leaving comments. I have really missed doing that. The reason I titled my blog, Just Me, Being Me, is because that is the truth, I am just me, being me. I want to keep this blog, and myself, real, no fakeness. What you see, is what you get. Nothing more, nothing less. The graphic that is at the top of my blog, is very true. I have never liked myself, or found any good within myself. I have truly hated myself. My counselor, recently asked me to name five things that I like about myself, I could not name one thing. But, with the gracious help of my Father, I am slowly gaining some self worth. God has saved me, time, after time. He truly wants me here for a reason. God use me, let me be a vessel in which You work.


Terra said...

I hope you found five things and more that you like about yourself, after you took time to reflect. Start out with "I love Jesus" which I know is true about you, and is a wonderful trait. Hugs from Terra.

LeAnn said...

Oh, you sweet girl; I love your humble and loving nature. You are such a delight and a true follower of our Savior. You are a beautiful women being who you really are; which is awesome.
Sending big hugs your way and continued blessings for you!

Anonymous said...

I'll list 5 things
1 you are a survivor.....life throws twists and turns yet you survive
2 you care deeply about your nephew
3- you faithfully pray for others
4 you are a top notch doggie mommy
5 you aren't afraid to just be you

Peggy said...

Bless your sweet heart Denise! I wanted to write "Woo Hoo!" Denise is back (but from the looks of it here on your blog, you've been back for quite awhile pretty consistently and I only caught a couple)... SO ... I'm glad you're back!

However, the sad part in this blog post is what you shared after you told us you were back that you couldn't list 5 things you like about yourself. {I like what the Queen wrote, Terra and LeAnn}

Maybe if each of us give you one or 5, you'll begin to accept the truth of how wonderful God made you to be! just as you wrote about "Just Me, Being Me"

1 - You are REAL!!! (not fake)
2 - {kinda the same but in another way} You are honest!
3 - No matter the situation, You turn to God! He loves you! You love Him! It's evident.
4 - You pray for others! Always talkin' to God on behalf of someone or something and you are self less ... always putting others' needs above your own even in prayer. (oh, that was mentioned above, sorry) ... guess I just had to emphasize this!
5 - You have the biggest heart! I agree that you are a "top notch doggie mommy" but that's just an outreach of who you are. You love family (no matter what's happened to you or done to you, you still love back) ... Coco is just one of the sweet part of your family. Being top notch for her is icing on the cake.
6 - You are a warrior, a fighter ... and thank God, a survivor! Life has thrown some pretty heavy health and other issues at you (full barrel) yet you usually fight back and come back stronger! {praying for this now}. That's an instinct within you that is good and very much needed!
7 - You are naturally you. {kinda like #1 and #5 of the Queen's} You look good with little hair but you're looking too scrawny (per the old photo header of you that was there) so there is no pretense with you about "puttin' on the ritz" ... you have a natural beauty and a shining smile. You are humorous or serious so you roll with the flow. You love others and you show complete strangers (like us) so much love! You are giving, kind, and understanding.

In other words, I love you just as you are!!!
{I'd love to visit all of your blog posts that I've missed but unlike you, I am not "back" like visiting blogs ... just come to those who come and read alot, offline
more than usually, healing my 'bum' left arm or bad posture or whatever caused my lack of mobility until I go home to MN and get it checked out, but it's much better just because I do what I'm doing} Love you so much Denise! I hope this means your spirit is soaring a little higher :)