Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday in Tennessee

Hello everyone, hope you all enjoy your weekend. Eddie is off today, which is good, because I still do not feel well. But, we have several errands to run. Busy day, but that is ok. I received a bath and body gift card for Christmas, love that place. Well, Tuesday, I went online, and ordered two bottles of perfume. I got my package yesterday, was so happy. I ordered a bottle of wild honeysuckle, and a bottle of Hawaii passion fruit kiss. They both smell sooooooooo good. Also, I have such a bad problem with puffy bags under my eyes. Been trying to find something to help with them. Well, I think I finally found something, woo hoo. I am using virgin coconut oil, that I bought at walmart. I gently wash my face, including the eye area, every night at bedtime. Then, gently pat dry, and apply coconut oil with your fingertips underneath your eyes. So far, so good. Will keep you posted on my progress.


Terra said...

Your perfume choices sound like they smell pretty, I like tropical scents. I might try the coconut oil on my skin, I bought some to use in cooking.

Joy said...

If it works, tell me coz I have eye bugs too:)

Cranberry Morning said...

So sorry that you've been feeling poorly, Denise. Glad you found that coconut oil trick. I noticed that when I stopped eating grains I had a noticeable decrease in all sorts of skin, digestive, and puffy eyes problems.

Ceil said...

Hi Denise! There's just nothing like a fun fragrance to pick you up, is there? I never used to use perfume, but now I spray some one after every shower.

I'm glad you feel a little better today. Is you headache gone?
Happy Mothers Day to you my friend! I hope you will have a peaceful weekend :)

Joyful said...

Love that you're getting all prettied up and scented up dear heart. It will lift your spirits. Today as I logged on I heard the Bee Gees singing "Stayin Alive". I love that song! Rock on :-)

Dee said...

I would love to hear how the coconut oil works out for you.

Dee said...

I would love to hear how the coconut oil works out for you.

Gilligan Maryanne said...

love your perfume choices
love tropical I use gardenia. The coconut oil is also great for whitening your teeth,
you gargle for 20 min a day for a month (havent tried but heard it through a friend it works great)
thanks for sharing.

YoSueño said...

Me alegro que el aceite de coco te sirva para que estés mucho mejor espero que te recuperes pronto.Un ABRAZO FELIZ DIA

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Denise, hope you feel better soon. How fun to pick out new fragrance from B&B.
Enjoy and have a nice weekend.
Blessings to you dear one.

Denise said...

All sounds nice.Glad to here You are treating Yourself to girly goodies :)

Laurie Collett said...

The perfumes sound wonderful! Enjoy, and I pray for you to feel better. God bless, Laurie

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Denise,
I love your perfume choices.
I pray that you get to feel
better soon, sweetheart.
I pray for your full healings.
Happy Mother's Day, Denise,
family and beloved ones!
Have a blessed time with those
you love, Denise!
I also love the pics of Coco,
your beautiful and loving dog.
God bless you, Denise!
Thank you for your heartfelt
comments in my sites!
Blessings and Prayers,

Chatty Crone said...

I have been using coconut oil on my skin too and it makes my skin so soft.