Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Morning Meditation

16 Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace, to help us in our time of need. Hebrews 4:16    I am definitely raising my hands toward heaven, and seeking out my Father. Praying, and crying out to Him. I am in need of much patience. I am playing the hurry up, and wait game, with my doctor right now. I had some test done on my heart December 28th. So far, all she will tell me is that I definitely had a heart attack. The test are also suppose to have shown whether or not, there is any scar tissue on my heart, or blood flow problems. Everytime I call my doctor, her nurse calls back, and says that the doctor is still going over my results. Today, the nurse called, and said, if I call back one more time, they will not call me with the results. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? This is crazy. How would they feel if this was their heart, and they were feeling as bad as I am? Father, help me as I continue to wait. As always, I know, You will help me in my time of need. I love You Father.


From the Heart said...

Heavenly Father, please bless Denise and heal her body in the name of Jesus. I pray that You would encourage the dr. to call my dear sister, in the name of Jesus.

Denise, this may mean there is nothing else wrong with your heart.
I will believe with you that this is the reason the dr. has not called.
Love you,:)

Joyful said...

Hello dear heart, it is so hard to wait in times like these but listen to the doctor's office. You need their help and there is no point in making them annoyed. If they say the doctor is still studying the results, it should mean they will give you the "best" report they can. An informed one. I pray that the news won't be as bad and that you will get your healing. Now is time to take care, relax and don't stress. It isn't good for your heart or your health. Hugs. xx

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

I pray the prayer of agreement with "From the Heart."
The mind is powerful...choose to receive His healing....resist and rebuke the diagnosis...and boldly approach the throne for mercy and grace in your time of need.
Now rest in the arms of your Abba Father...knowing HE loves you and cares for you and He is Your Healer.

Tammi said...

Oh my. I can't imagine any DR's office saying that to you, sis. I know it can take some time to get results, etc. but to say not to call back "or else..." ?? That's aggravating and doesn't sound very professional. They can not tell you that. At least I don't THINK they can. Geesh.
Anyway, just take a deep breath. We already know the Great Physician knows every single detail about your results and has you engraved inthe palm of His hand. . so we can just (try to) rest in that fact. I am trying to not be so anxious. Why does my heart feel anxious ? that's not right.
Guess I need to focus more on HIM and HIS majesty and power, and less on my "big" problems( which aren't so big compared to Him.. I mean they disappear next to Him.) :)
Hope you feel better! I miss you. Sending big hugs.
Thanks for your prayers for us and for your encouraging words!
Love you

Sharon said...

Oh Denise - I have also had the same frustrating time trying to get results from tests I've had in the past. It can be so very scary...

I'm praying for your peace of mind, and that you will be able to rest in the arms of the Great Physician. And that HE will bring you the healing you so desire.


LeAnn said...

Wow, I think it is awful that the nurse told you that. One of the hardest things about waiting is the fear of the unknown. Any physician should know that. After you get the results I would consider looking into another physician. I am speaking from experience. I was a nurse of several years and I hated dealing with the egos of doctors. You have every right to bug them as much as you want. You pay them for this service. Sorry, this is a close to home subject.
Blessings, hugs and prayers for you to find out what is going on so you can relax and not be worried.

sweetvintageofmine said...

Yes, you know the saying--sometimes no news is GOOD NEWS! Are you EXPECTING GOOD NEWS? When I was diagnosed with my "C"...everytime I had to go for tests/results, my prayer to GOD was: LORD, I am EXPECTING GOOD NEWS...I would not let SATAN tell me how bad things were...FAITH is expecting the best, wanting the best, even when we don't feel good. SEE YOURSELF HEALED...SEE YOURSELF GETTING OUT WHEN YOU CAN...SEE YOURSELF GOING TO CHURCH...SPEAK ONLY GOODHEALTH on YOUR BODY..NO NEGATIVE! I pray this increases your FAITH. I pray encouragement for you...We will be here waiting for your results with you.....Love and prayers...Roxie

Gilligan Maryanne said...

sending prayers your way
lord, keep Denise by your side and in your heart.

thank you for stopping by

Dawn Paoletta said...

How rude! Let's focus on His peace in our hearts today, OK. He holds that sweet, precious heart in His hands, my friend...He is your strong tower, defense and Mighty God. He is your fortress and strength. You are safe in His arms. Love and hugs!

Pamela said...

I find it humorous that I am writing about patience for some ghost writing I do. Because I. am. not. patient. Totally understand your frustration and praying that God will calm your heart (and heal it) and news will come soon.

Peggy said...

Oh my Denise!

Father, We pray that these health professionals would be more considerate and prompt in dealing with and caring for Denise and realize how difficult and how long she's been dealing with this and waited! We ask Lord that the results be good results and that is why the wait! We can't believe that if there was any further problem that they would allow someone to wait this long and react this way. Help Denise to wait and focus her mind and her heart on a good report. May she feel Your peace and Your presence as her Great Physician and rest in Your more than capable hands! Bring gentle and loving care to her tender heart and help her to wait in Jesus name. May all involved attend onto her urgent needs in Your power and Name, we pray.

Madonna said...

I hope by now you have heard something. I would make a point to let the dr know what I was told. He may not know the nurse said such a thing. I can't imagine anyone doing that when they know how anxious a person would be at such a time.