Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Blues

Hello sweet friends. Praying your weekend, has been filled with many blessings. I have been sick, really sick today. As most of you read my blog post the other day, where I had a bad episode with severe pain, in the back of my head. Well, that got better, praise God. But, all day today, I have been really dizzy, and nauseous. I could not walk, the dizziness was so bad, it made me stumble. Eddie had to help me get around, and he had to take coco for her walks. This has me scared, and worried that I am having more strokes, or that I am fixing to have another stroke. This is just like when I was in the hospital, and rehab. I was constantly nauseous, and dizzy. I even blacked out with the dizziness at the hospital. Please say a prayer for me, would truly appreciate.

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Terra said...

Jesus, I am asking for your healing touch for my friend.
I hope this week will be a good one for you.