Tuesday, June 5, 2012

On Your Heart Tuesday

Hello everyone, what is on your heart today? My heart is overflowing with puppy love. I got a new puppy Friday, her name is Coco. She is now my constant companion. She is only eight weeks old, just a baby. This sweet puppy has brought much happiness, and joy into my life, in just a matter of days. She daily shows me love, and loyalty. This may sound crazy to some , or all of you, but, I know deep in my heart that God sent this puppy to me. Every since I had my stroke, which was nine months ago today, I have truly been fighting  to not get deeply depressed. They said my moods may totally swing, and believe me, they do. I have felt worthless, like a failure, lonely, and very sad. My health has not been getting better, only worse. Companionship, has been no where to be found, including family. My husband does the best he can do, but, he has to work. When he goes to work, I feel so blue. No one calls, or comes to see me, I have no transportation to go anywhere. Even if there was a car here, I cannot drive due to my vision. But, then, as always, God stepped in, and said"Enough Is Enough"!! "Denise, My Daughter, It Is Time For You To Get Your Life Back". "You Had A Stroke, But, You Did Not Die". "Quit Letting People Make You Feel Like You Are Different, Not Worthy". "I Am Going To Give You A Gift, A Little Bundle Of Energy, Love, And Joy".  "She Will Be Your Companion, And Your Friend". ' Accept This Gift, With Love, From Your Father". "Go, Live The Rest Of Your Life, Quit Looking Back". "Only Look Forward, The Best Days Are Ahead". Wow, such a great conversation, and a wonderful, priceless gift, from my Father. Now, Coco and I are off for another walk, wonder what this journey will bring??


Karen said...

WooHoo! What a gift...unconditional love in the form of a little brown ball of fur...have fun, my friend...enjoy those doggie kisses and tail waggings!

Tesha said...

What blessing God brought you and what a blessing he bought me to read your sweet blog. I am so glad you have a smile on your face.

Telaviv Yohanka said...

Dear Denisse God Bless You.
When I Read This Something Happened In My Heart. I Felt So Bad, But In The Same Time God Told Me that You Are Not Alone Because He Sent The Holy Spirit And He Is A Great Companion.
Every Day I Pray For Your Life. You Are A Beatiful And Kind Woman.
A Week Ago I Did Something For You In My Blog, So Please Take It.
I Made It With My Heart.
Glorify Yeshua Hamashiaj Amen And Amen.

Cathy said...

Aw, that is sweet, Dear. I'm glad you are enjoying your new little companion. :) Love you ~

From the Heart said...

Nothing like a puppy to keep you hopping and yes, love you unconditionally. May God continue to bless you.

Talk..to..Grams said...

Hi I don't know if my post went through or not! But so happy you have a new puppy! SO cute! Love and Hugs Grams

Annmarie Pipa said...

why dogs are mans best friend.
your blog looks great.

bp said...

Glad you are enjoying your little pup. She looks sweet and playful in the picture at the top.

Have a good weekend.