Friday, February 10, 2012

Need Your Opinions


Christina said...

I just love to listen to you sing. Your voice is a blessing from God. And he will lead you in the direction that will be most full filling for you. He may even put you in a direction you never thought you would go.
That's what he did with me. Just be open for new things.


Lovely. As Christina says...stay open minded...the best thing is, don't take opinions what YOU think is best for YOU.

Lea said...

Shortybear I lovelovelove when you sing as well. Just blesses my absolute socks off! What a heart you have for the Lord!

... As for contributing... I just want to say -- you have no idea how you contribute in this life already. You encourage SO Many!!!

I'll be praying for you to do whatever the Lord has for you to do. God bless you Denise!!! xoxo

Cathy said...

Bless your dear, sweet heart. First, that is a beautiful song. You are very smart, Denise, I know you can pass that test. :) And it is wonderful you want to do something. You are such a blessing. I pray the Lord will lead, guide and direct you to something you really like. :) There are lots of courses you can take at a technical school. I got my real estate broker's license there once. Which I don't use anymore, just spent a lot of money in that business. Hugs I still think you could write for cards. :) I am very proud of you.

Godsgalnj said...

Best of wishes for this new step in your life :)

Godsgalnj said...

Sorry - I didn't finish my comment... I really think it's a great idea and it sounds like you put a lot of thought and prayer into it. Definitely try and see how you like it :)

Laurie Collett said...

Praying for you to discover and fulfill God's will for your life! Beautiful song.
Love & prayers,

From the Heart said...

A beautiful song and that one could be added to another one I've picked out, but you know what, we, (you and me and all God's children) may not go by way of the grave. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

I love hearing your voice. When I read your emails or prayers I can hear your voice.

God will lead you exactly where He wants you to be and what He wants you to do. Father, I just ask that you will give Shortybear guidance and total healing in the name of Jesus.

God bless you.

Julie Arduini said...

If you feel this is His calling, run through those open doors. However, if you feel like you are doing this because you want a sense of worth, please remember the ministry you have here. There are so many called to serve through things they do at home and may never see a paycheck, but the reward they will receive in heaven can't be measured. Either lifestyle, or even if He asks you to pursue both is great, just do what He's called you to do. He will show you. I'm rooting for you no matter what He reveals.

Sassy Granny ... said...

Praying you have the discernment you need to choose wisely. said...

I love that song! You sang from the heart!
God will lead every step of the way! love and hugs Grams

Sharon said...

I know that God will guide you, Denise. He promises to do that, and He doesn't EVER break His promises!

I have no doubt that you could accomplish anything you put your mind to - so let God lead you, and follow in trust and obedience.

Love you.


Peggy said...

Ok Denise... I will be back to share more on this! But
I could listen forever to your sweet voice and your precious singing ( I joined you in my mind on this one)! But I had to give you a WOO HOO shout out about getting your GED but not to work... you are doing God's work right here! You will someday know in heaven how much your positive attitude and this ministered to others!!!

You are a GIFT and such a blessing! God is using you here but you go for whatever God places on your heart! Listen closely and know where your true worth lies!!!
I love you... wish I had time to visit and leave more encouragement! I will continue to pray with and for you! You are so precious and sending love and blessings as you press on and one more...

I love, love, love you so much! And you look so good... another good color for you that brings out your shining love of Jesus... (((HUGS)))
ooooooo...gotta go... more another day...

Marsha said...

Oh I love that song, sweetie!

I'm so proud of you wanting to get your GED! Hooray for you! I don't know what the requirements are in TN, but here in NC it's highly recommended to take GED classes - free through the local community college. It helps to "bone up" on all the info that will be on the test. Here's the link for the TN classes:
I've GED materials here at the learning center I could lone you so you can see what the test is like.

I was thinking of coming to Chattanooga Thursday to see you, but it looks like Friday will be a better travel day - no rain. Whatcha doin' Friday? I'd love to take you to lunch and spend a few hours with you.

Love you bunches!

Saleslady371 said...

I think it is God who has placed a desire in you to communicate with women and I think it is so wonderful that you stopped and asked Him for the plan. I stand with you believing He is orchestrating every detail for your wonderful life from finances to healing and opportunities. I love your speaking voice and singing voice and everything you write. I feel very nurtured in our friendship and wish that for others too as you minister to them. You are chosen! He will lead.


Anne Lang Bundy said...

Your face and voice and prayers are a blessing in my life, Denise. WHAT A JOY to know you, love! :D ♥ :D ♥ :D ♥