Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Weekend

Hello sweet friends, pray you have enjoyed your weekend. Praise God, I have enjoyed mine. Yesterday, me and lovebug spent the day with our precious great nephew Zach. He will be two in September, he is such a bundle of joy. We played outside here at our apartment, then we went to McDonald's and got him a happy meal, and went to the park to eat. After he ate, we played ball, blew bubbles, and played on the playground. It was beyond awesome. I love him so very much. when we took him home, he cried, did not want us to go. Poor baby, he broke my heart. We are going to watch him for a couple of hours on Wednesday, woo hoo. Looking very forward to that. We took pictures, thought I would share our day.  Bless you all, I love you all bunches.


Debbie said...

It's good to see your sweet face once again. I've missed you!

Blessings and love,

Peggy (mazmagi) said...

Blessings my dear Denise, Ohhh's so good to see your smiling face and your sweet JOY with Zach and Lovebug! Such a fun day!!!

You are looking so skinny in your big clothes! But what counts is that sweet smile! Love seeing that GIRL!

You could share your eating disorder PROGRESS right here but I understand having a different one! I hope your dr. is giving you the same care as you'd have in a center like diet and exercise specifics (well, you shared about those... walking). What is she doing to deal with the issue of your not eating right or being able to now? I hope since your next visit is so far off that she has given you more specifics to do! I really am concerned but I DO trust God as I have been and looking at that sweet little bod... You are still here and I MISS YOU! So this is GREAT!

Praying and believing... sending a BIG HUG...and thanks for this special weekend and a special day to look forward to like Weds. always helps us... LOVE,

Joan said...

Denise - I'm not sure if my first comment went through - I have been having major issues with blogger this weekend. If so, feel free to delete this one.

I agree with Debbie and Peggy - you have been missed and it is good to see your smiling face.


Beth in NC said...

It is great seeing you happy Denise and Lovebug looks like he is doing well too.

I know the little fella had a great time with you and surely felt the love of Jesus from you both.

Bless you friend! Since we are all your friends, if you post on here about this attack against your eating, we will support you.


Anne Lang Bundy said...

I'm so happy to see you! Your posts in my RSS feed are such a blessing to see, after so long of missing them. Good to see you and lovebug and that precious little boy.

Cathy said...

You look very cute and pretty, my friend. We just need to fatten you up a little. :) I'm glad you and Eddie had a great weekend with the little one. And I see you are walking. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Praying for your healing, Dear ~ Love you ~

RCUBEs said...

It's awesome to see you up on your feet, enjoying a wonderful time with bro. Eddie and cute Zach! May the Lord's healing cover you and take care sister. Been sick for almost a week, coughing from allergy!!! God bless.

Bernie said...

Hello my friend, I saw your pictures on FB and I honestly couldn't say anything at the time, everyone was being so kind and I want to be kind too but you are so thin. I do hope you have a good doctor, you are such a wonderful lady, we all want you happy and healthy.Please take care of yourself and know that you are in my heart and prayers always. Sending big hugs....:-)

Alleluiabelle said...

I love you sweet sister and I LOVE seeing your face here. You have such a beautiful heartwarming smile.

I'm here for you in whatever way that you need me along with so many others here.

My prayers are always always with you and your love bug.


Bernadine said...

Hi Denise, so good to see you. Great that you and Eddie had such a good time with Zach.

Love Bears All Things said...

Hello Denise,
I thought about you this morning and wondered if you'd got your exercise in to your schedule. Honey Bear and I got up and walked at 6:30 Saturday morning, then this morning I walked on my treadmill for 30 minutes. I weighed and I've lost 2 from last week. I was surprised when I discovered I have kept off 6 from earlier in the year..
Your nephew is a sweetie and I know you will enjoy your time with him on Wednesday.
Blessings Dear one,
Mama Bear

Karen said...

Your smile always lights up my computer screen! Zach is a cutie....

Sue said...

Denise you look wonderful, and who wouldn't cry having to leave you and your sweet Lovebug. Children are the best medicine for what ails us. Praying for you dear one.

e-Mom said...

What a precious bundle of joy, Denise!!!

BTW, you're the winner of my recent giveaway. I'd like to send you a copy of Jesus My Son by Mary Bailey. Maybe you know someone to pass it along to after you're finished reading it.

Would you be willing to send me your "snail mail" address so I can ship it to you?

Email me at chrysaliscafe [at] comcast [dot] net. Blessings on your day!

e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Peggy said...


How ya' doing?

Hope and praying that you are better each day!

Sending a WOO HOO for Zach and you, a big HUG and many prayers and blessings... as always,

Godsgalnj said...

Such beautiful pictures! :) Brings a warmth to my heart to see a smile on your face - looks like you had such a great weekend!! :) *hugs*

sarah said...

he is soooo adorable and glad you got to spend some time with him. Stay strong out there in your corner...always.

Tammi said...

Hey there, sis! I'm so glad to see your smiling face! This was such a blessing to me this evening. Sure have missed U!
Thank you so much for keeping us posted on how you're doing, and more importantly, for encouraging us in our walks with the LORD-- you definitely walk the walk!
Sending you hugs dear sis!
LHL--- Love, hugs, ladybugs :=:o)

becky aka theRAV said...

love the photos of you. You are beautiful!

MyJourneyBack said...

Oh what great photo's. Great to see your smiles. What fun! Praying for you! Thanks for sharing.
Have a great weekend,

Sassy Granny ... said...

I know what a joy your visit must have been. Good medicine!


MyJourneyBack said...

Hope your having a great week!
Love ya,

Connie Arnold said...

That's so great, Denise, what a special blessing! It's wonderful the joy that God brings into our lives through precious children! Blessings to you, sweet one.

MyJourneyBack said...

I stopped back in to let you know I will be posting more so if you have a chance come by and visit.
Take care. Love you.

Alleluiabelle said...

Loving you and praying for you my sweet sister. I think of you often.

{{{Big Hugs}}}

MyJourneyBack said...

Have a great weekend. Love ya.

Pia said...

hi denise. i was so thrilled to see you again. you should post photos more often. i miss you. (((HUGS)))

Alleluiabelle said...

I love you sweet sister...

Praying for you always.


Pia said...

hi denise. how are you? miss ya!

Rebecca said...

Denise, Where ARE you???? I'm missing you so much and praying for your recovery.

Tammi said...

Dear Denise,

I sent you an email this afternoon and just now got a chance to hop over here to see if there were any updates! I found your address in an earlier blog! :) I am sending the CD to you Monday! FINALLY :) Hope U R ok!
Love and hugs!

Lynn said...

Praying that you are doing better. Have you in my prayers Denise. Love you my friend!


Michele Williams said...

Hello my sweet friend. How are you doing? You have lost so much weight that you need new clothes! That is awesome. I'm on Nutrisystem and love it! In six weeks I have lost 35 lbs. We are both on a quest to be healthier. I am praying for you. I'm sorry I have not been blogging much lately. I really need to be a better friend. Love you dear friend.

becky aka theRAV said...

Just wondering how you are doing these days. I have been missing you. Hoping & praying you are doing much better.

MyJourneyBack said...

Hi stopped in to say I am thinking about you.
Sending you a hug and a prayer.

Beth in NC said...

Hi Sister, I just came by to see if you've posted lately. I pray all is well.

You were on my heart.


Alleluiabelle said...

I love you dear friend. How are you doing?

Angela said...

Hey beautiful sister..God has lead me here too today....I see a few of us have been brought here lately..WE miss you, love you and holding you close in prayer.

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Pia said...

hi denise.

Lynn said...

Love you dear friend! Pray that you are doing better. I've missed you!You're in my thoughts and prayers! ♥♥