Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Speaking My Heart- Weight Issues


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Thank you for the thoughts on body image. I am greatly struggling with mine in this season; I've gained 30 lbs. with my chemo treatments, so you can imagine how I'm feeling right now. My body isn't what it used to be, and I'm feeling a bit lost about it all right now.

Thank the Lord for heaven's acceptance of all our frames, regardless of the particulars. You've lifted my heart with your words of encouragement.

Blessings & peace~elaine

Cathy said...

I'm glad you are feeling better today, sweet sister. Thanks for the encouragement, Dear. Love you ~

Alicia said...

I just read another blog where a gal struggles with her weight. I think we can all relate in one way or another.

Wendy said...

How'd you get to be so beautiful, my dear sister?! This was such an encouraging message, and one that every woman needs to hear. You know I love you, girl!
(Some day I will figure out how to do videos on this thing, and then maybe you will see me! I love to see you:)

Karen said...

You look really good, Denise. Thanks for the video. Have a happy day.

Jackie said...

Thank you sweet Denise for lifting my heart today through your anointed video!

I'm straightening my tiara right now and reminding myself of Who I belong to....The King!!


MyJourneyBack said...

Oh I can't listen because Cowboy is still asleep. (the downside of a small place). I am glad to see you've posted. I was about to write my thanful post and thought I would stop in and see how you are. I'll be back later and listen.
Have a good day,

Sharon Brumfield said...

You look good girl....looks like you are feeling better...and that is a beautiful thing.
Self image is a huge thing...when the negative thoughts start creeping in I have to remind myself that I am beautiful in His sight....and that His glory shinning from me is all that matters.
Good thoughts.

Redeemed1 said...

Thank you for this beautiful and encouraging video. It's so easy for us ladies to get caught up in outward appearances and forget what really matters.

Paperlicious Girl said...

Awesome blog and so encouraging!!! Just wanted to thank you for entering the giveaway for my etsy shop RosiePosieDesigns on April's blog!!!

Godsgalnj said...

This a sensitive issue that you've addressed really well! Weight issues have been one of the most talked about in my household. What is on the inside matters the most. So true! Love the zipper on our heart image. You are so encouraging! Thank you for your love and care! *hugs* Love you!

MyJourneyBack said...

Glad to see you back. Thanks for sharing this. I am sure that besides me there are many that needed to hear thie message.
Thanks for sharing this.
Have a Blesese Friday,

Peggy (mazmagi) said...

Bless your skinny little self Denise,

That's definitely the bare minimum! Thank you for sharing the uplifting thoughts on our body image! Not one of us is like we use to be!

I'm hopeful that you feel better but no more weight loss. You take care of your skinny self! That's the weight I should be, too... but I'm at my upper end. Holding steady. Please maintain a healthy weight and eat well. I know God loves you and accepts us but we do need to maintain the temple. So stay well and be healthy and HAPPY!
You brighten my day... but this was a tough one for me to comment on because of when you choked, I got emotional... and it took me this long to get back and say how much I love you and have missed you! But mostly that you are OK and back, blesses me immensely. My heart is warm... though right now that's it!

Love, peace and JOY from sunny Mexico,(but oh so cold inside, I gotta get out in the sun)

Mining for Diamonds said...

I like "Ruby" too! :) I haven't seen any recent episodes, though.

You know, it's so interesting to hear how others struggle with body image. It seems to be a universal struggle. There must be something about the way I carry my weight, though, because people cannot believe that I am a size 12!! They think I am an 8 or a 10. NOT! I'm actually very happy with my "curves", I like having "a little meat on my bones"...for so many years I didn't have any at all! :)What I need to work on is not losing weight so much as getting healthy.

Pia said...

i love seeing you on video. you're so real and sincere. full of love and joy in your heart in spite of the challenges you're facing. i'm glad that you're feeling better.

bp said...

Thanks for sharing your heart and the encouragement and reminder of who we are in Christ.


cynia said...

I never think negatively about myself these days. And I wouldn't like to look like everybody else.