Friday, May 29, 2009

Fearless Friday

Prayer Request: 1) Renee, her mom is having a breast biopsy today. 2) Angela, pray for financial blessings for her family, and for her sons job situation. 3) Tammy, she is waiting for the results of her MRI. 4) Marsha, her son in-law is having problems with his crohns disease. 5) Michele, as her and her husband are traveling. 6) Peggy, as she is traveling home. 7) Allelulabelle, her husbands health. 8) The restoration of Pias marriage. 9) Tom, his mom has cancer. 10) Vicki, her husband has cancer. Praise Report: My sister got a good report from her kidney doctor this week. Thanks for all your prayers, be blessed.


luvmy4sons said...

Love you wonderful prayer warrior...Jesus I agree in prayer with this sister and lift all these people to You asking blessing, healing, comfort, guidance, wisdom, and strength where needed. Amen

RCUBEs said...

Praying these petitions with sister Denise Oh Lord! Thank You You are always there for us.

Have a great weekend sister Denise. Love you sister. God bless. Praying for you, too.

PW said...

I stand in agreement with luvmy4sons' prayer. AMEN!!!

Bogie said...

I am praying for you and for all the people mentioned in this list. God bless you dear.

Donetta said...

Knowing that you are there in my corner praying helps. Wow I just got beat up today. Better for doing well and kicked than to do evil and get kicked as what is due.
Made me question blogging at all.
These folks are in His arms your kindness toward them a gift.

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Denise,
Rejoicing with you in the dropping of blood sugar level, I am continuing to pray for complete healing.I know we serve a true and living God and that he knows just exactly what and when we need it.

Congratulation on maintaining your weight. I have not been doing that well, but I am still trying.
Blessings to you,
much love ,

Samantha said...

Praying for you sweet Denise and all of your requests.
Blessings to you dear friend.

Daisy said...

Praying for these people too.

And btw, thanks for being my first commenter, now I give you not just prayers but also linky love.

Alicia said...

I'll be praying, Denise!

Daphine said...

Standing in prayer and believing for positive results with you friend!

Pia said...

Father, i thank you for denise's life. i pray that you will continuously bless my sister in Christ. i pray, Lord, for each need mentioned here. i pray for healing. Precious Father, i pray that you heal your children and give strength to their families. i also pray for restoration of marriage. i know it's not just mine but others who are also praying for restoration of their marriages. i also pray for financial provision to pay bills and debts. God, hear our prayers and have mercy. thank you, Father, for saving each of us.

i come against satan and all the spirits of darkness. get your filthy hands off of God's property in Jesus' name. i command you satan to let loose your grip from us!!! we belong to Jesus. Father, i plead the blood of Jesus over our lives, marriages, health and finances. in Jesus' name, amen.