Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Love Dare Day 5- Love Is Not Rude

He who blesses his friend with a loud voice early in the morning, it will be reckoned a curse to him. -Proverbs 27.14 Today's Dare: Ask your spouse to tell you three things that cause him or her to be uncomfortable or irritated with you. You must do so without attacking them, or justifying your behaviour. This is from their perspective only. Another good day at the Oldham house. This afternoon, I asked my lovebug to tell me three things, that cause him to be uncomfortable with me. He was so honest, and very open with his heart. It really touched me, because all three things were actually about me. 1) He said that it really bothers him when I put myself down, because he loves me so much. 2) He said it really bothers him that I am still hurting so badly over the death of my momma and brother. He is afraid that I have not accepted my mommas death especially. 3) He said it bothers him that I do not see myself the way he does, truly beautiful. Prayer: Dear Lord, I praise You for blessing me so completely with my dear husband. My heart is overflowing, thank You for bringing such a precious gift into my life nearly 24 years ago. Amen


Bernadine said...

Aww... that is so sweet.

MyJourneyBack said...

Oh wow Denise what a sweet post! And what a wonderful husband and friend. (hint.hint.) I read a little about this challenge but I have been so busy the last few days and not been able to spend much time on the computer. I want to really sit down and read and pray about it over the weekend. Thanks for sharing this special post.
I put More than a Friend up with a new prize. It is running all week so there is lots of time to write a post. BTW email me your address for last weeks prize!
Many Blessings,

Debra said...


For lovebug to be able to open up to you like that speaks volumes of his love for the Lord and you and your marriage! Praise the Lord!

Hugs to you sweet sister!

Peggy said...

Blessings Denise...Should this surprise me? Your Lovebug & you are the BEST for each other! He loves you so much and cares so deeply. Truly knows you! Your prayer is so beautiful but why not Eddie & Denise...ahhhh...24 years of marriage bliss & blessings...oh what a friend...actually More than a Friend! I'm so glad you are sticking with this challenge! Good job!

luvmy4sons said...

What a great guy you have there. I don't know if my hubby would answer me that question. He doesn't like to think too hard. Hmmmm...might have to see. I'll keep you posted.