Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In Other Words Tuesday

“Friends, if we be honest with ourselves, we shall be honest with each other.”George MacDonald : Are we for real? When people see us, do they really see us? Or do they see, who we want them to see? No one is perfect, so why do so many of us constantly strive for perfection? We are who we are, created uniquely by God to be our self. We should strive each day to be more like our creator, and less like our self. I am who I am, and you are, who you are. We should be honest with ourselves, not be afraid to show our imperfections. Show the world that if God can deal with imperfect Christians, He can definitely save them too. Be blessed my friends.


Michele Williams said...

Amen. My brother and sister had always been outgoing, popular and humorous. I was more of an introvert. Growing up in school I thought I had to do the things they did when they were in school in order to be popular or noticed. I regret that I was not myself and did not follow my interests... follow what God had designed me to be and do.

Years later, I learned to love ME... because God loves me... and He does not make junk! I am His child created for a purpose!

I love you!

Debra said...

I love who you are!

Raisingarrows said...

Thanks for sharing!

Lynnette Kraft said...

A simple truth - we should try to be more like our Creator.

Thanks for posting!
Have a lovely evening.
Lynnette :)

luvmy4sons said...

Well,that isn't hard...I fail miserably in front of many all the time. LOL! But I so understand your message. It is so much better to be genuine and real and within the confines of a church building so often we put on airs. We are to bear one another's burdens and sharpen one another putting on the love of Christ. Love you!

MyJourneyBack said...

Hi Denise,
I only have a minute but I wanted to say Thank you for your sweetness! And for being a part of More than a Friend. And I decided everyone was so sweet not to draw so everyone is a winner.
Please email me your address and I'll get the package off on Friday!

Ava Semerau said...

Whata nice thought - showing the world what God can do with imperfect Christians! Thanks for sharing this week.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Right on...did you go to another church with your scarf on? I have been wondering if you did!! I think it is awful for people to look at you badly just because of something that is not like they think it should be..HOW RUDE is that!!

eph2810 said...

You are right, Denise. We are all far from perfect, but sometimes we think we are.
Great thoughts on this quote - thank you for sharing.
Be blessed today and always...

MiPa said...

"Show the world that God can deal with imperfect Christians." Ah, yes, that is yet. Why do we waste so much energy being something we are not able to be? Thanks for sharing.