Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Have Been Tagged

My sweet friend Debra tagged me for the seven random things about me tag. If you would like to play along, feel free to. 1) When I had a total hysterectomy back in 2000, I was aware that I had poly cystic ovaries, and several fibroids. I recently found out by looking through a copy of my surgery report, that I also had several other problems. I had severe pelvic adhesions, pelvic inflammatory disease, and endometrioss. I also had suspicious looking cells, could have possibly turned into cancer. As always, God knew best. 2) I was born with two birth defects, poly cystic ovaries, and my appendix is in my back. 3) I love to wash dishes, and vacuum. 4) I love to sing and dance. 5) I love to laugh, laugh, laugh!! 6) I love chewing gum, blowing bubbles is so much fun!! 7) I love playing board games.


Debra said...


I love that you love to play board games ... me too! Blowing bubbles and did I know this about you, my sweet friend! You are too precious for words!

:) :) :) you made me smile

luvmy4sons said...

Of all the household duties, vacuuming is my favorite! Dishes on the other hand is NOT! God does work all things together for good...I am sorry about your diseases, but I know God is in it all!

AnooCre8ion said...

Hi Denise, you are so fearfully and wonderfully made. It's great getting to know you but most of all, it's awesome to see you praising God in the midst of it all.

bless you.


Marsha said...

I absolutely LOVE board games! Way fun!!

Gretchen said...

I love playing Pass the Pigs. :) Love me some bubble gum, too.

Jennifer said...

I like this idea...I just might use the 7 random things on my blog next week and tag a bloggy friend too:) It is nice to find out things about people...especially, your friends that you didn't already know. God bless you!