Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Praise And Worship

Before the Internet, television, radio, or even mass printing of bibles, people were on fire to learn God’s word and even today, there are areas where people are risking their lives to get to know and read God’s word….yet in a nation where we have bibles everywhere, in every form…how many of us really know God’s word, or can repeat the 10 commandments word for word, or even the Beatitudes (or know what they are).Such a great question for today's praise and worship: How can we rebuild that fire ourselves, and just have that fire, and want to learn? We need to let the Son truly shine in our sometimes cold, nearly frozen hearts. We need to allow the Son to thaw us out, and begin to warm up to Him again, like we did in the new days of our salvation. We need to remember our true first love, the precious Son. We need to seek Him daily, dwell in His presence, and learn from Him. Our hearts are longing for the comforting warmth of the Son. Open your heart wide, and let the Son come shining through, brightening up all the cold, dark places.


Melanie said...

Great post, Denise! Your words are so true.

Have a great week!

Colored Heart said...

"We need to allow the Son to thaw us out, and begin to warm up to Him again, like we did in the new days of our salvation." Amen!
I am moved by the reminder, sister. By the way, you are my AUGUST Featured Blogger. No review yet, but I have posted your tag (yes, i made one for you) at my sidebar. Thanks for being my July Top1 Commenter.
I will be praying continually for your diabetes and for you to remain joyful in the Lord. You are an inspiration.:$
Colored Heart

Bernadine said...

Beautiful post Denise. One of the things I purposed to do this summer was spend as much time in God'd word as possible. I'm finding such joy in doing so that I wonder why is it that I allow myself to get distracted at times.

Colored Heart said...

I'm back to say thank you for your kind comments, and that I have posted a FLOWER AWARD at my side bar for you and the rest of the Top 8 Love-Commenters. If you have time, pls passby and get it. Also, my son was spared from infection, praise God, but my daughter will have to take antibiotic due to a murmur heard from her lungs. Pls continue to pray for her. I am having headaches too. The rain is not so soothing anymore. It's really cold. Brr...:( Thank you for bearing with me, Shortybear! Love lots!

Twinkle Mom of Sunflower Faith said...

I am so floored by your words of encouragement and faith!! It touched my heart and help rekindle that much needed fire!!

God bless you dear sister!

Peggy said...

Bless you Denise...boy have I been
missing out on alot since last Fri.

I have alot to catch up on. I had to make a trip to the borders for my 6 month permits. Long trip and much rest still needed. I want to thank you for blessing me with your encouraging comments and frequent visits. I don't know how you do it. You visit so many and
always bring sunshine!You are such a blessing!

I read the posts from today backwards and really loved Mondays
Miracle...but I'll go comment there for that one!

Your words to let God thaw our hearts are so true! We need to kindle and rekindle that fire and love for Him and His Word!Our hearts and our spirit, too long
for heart is open and my spirit is willing! Thank you for
shedding light: His light to us!