Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cafe Chat

Today we are talking about LIES. Most of us are, or have been plagued by lies, some from just being a woman. Lies are destructive and defeating. Lies about priorities, marriage, family, emotions or sin invade our spirits if we let them.

What is a lie that you have believed in the past (or even currently), and why do you think you believed that lie? Find a verse in God’s Word to combat the lie.:I have always believed that I was worthless. My dad was very good at making it clear to me through his words, and actions. He told me that I would never amount to anything, constantly made fun of my appearance, never had a kind word to say. When I was in the ninth grade, he hit me, and broke my nose. All he had to say to me afterwards, was that I better not cry. I saw him three weeks ago at my brothers funeral, nothing has changed. He still made me feel as if I do not exist in his eyes. He has hurt me deep in my heart and soul all of my life, the scars are really deep. But, I am ok. My true Father has replaced all of those lies, with the truth of His precious words. In my Fathers eyes, I am found to be worthy. He cares for me, and loves me with all of His heart. I know that He will never leave me, or hurt me. He lets me crawl up in His lap, and rest whenever I need to. I love You Father God. I offer you more than your earthly father ever could. Matthew 7:11


Sam said...

"I offer you more than your earthly father ever could" - that is so profound, especially when it comes to you and your father. I am so sorry to hear that your relationship was like that, but I am so glad that you have managed to work past that with the help of the Lord.

luvmy4sons said...

The enemy is the father of all lies. Even after those who have done his dirty work are long gone the lies whisper niour ears. I am so glad that Jesus-the way and the Truth, and the Life-is ours to dispel the darkness and bring us into the light! Hugs to you dear sister. I am so very sorry for your pain and so very grateful that you know Jesus!

IRENE said...

Is that in the New Testament? Oh Denise, I love God and I love you!

Abby said...

How incredibly HE has blessed you for the suffering you endured as a child, and even today. I was reading back through some of your previous posts - it sounds like you have a fantastic hubby!

Thank you for sharing this love lesson with us. :-)


Sharon Brumfield said...

You are an amazing work of God. There are so many who have been through what you have been through and have never found the acceptance in God that you have.
There will always be a longing in a little girls heart to be approved of by their Daddy. For them to see us and think that we are beautiful. But if that does not happen how miraculous is it that God allows us to still see Him as a Daddy God in Heaven? Even though our earthly Dads portrayed a picture that was not what a Dad should be like-God has allowed us to see that He can be the best Dad ever.
It took me a long time to see this.
I could go on and on here...but I won't. :)
I am so sorry for you not having the Daddy you should have...but I am so glad that you have begun to let God step into this role.
He thinks we are beautiful doesn't He?

Rebecca said...

Wow, as I read this my jaw just dropped. Wow. Praise God for giving you the love you deserve!


A Stone Gatherer said...

Isn't it great that even though the world tells us something false, we have the Father to cry to who hears us and comforts us!

Joyfulsister said...

All that you have been through could have easily directed you into the negative areas of the world that satan would have liked to claim the victory for, but you choose to go toward the cross, leaving you with victory and the Lord with the glory. Keep allowing your heavenly Father to lead you and carry you. Ask the Lord for his strength within you to forgive your earthly father and leave him in the Lords hands.
God Bless Lorie

Peggy said...

Oh sweet Denise...Your victorious spirit..."I offer you more than your earthly father ever could"
Matthew 7:11 is such freeing truth and Your Heavenly Father is so delighted that you are HIS and HE is Yours! Though you have felt much pain through this heartache, our Lord wants to use this as a testimony to what HE can do for others, you are reaching out with the Father's Love. We are aMazed by
God shining through you! Shine on & press forward...try to forgive as best you can & put this in God's hands...You deserve the BEST and you already have found HIM!
Love & BIG as a victorious overcomer! You are...

Edie said...

I love the way God spoke Matthew 7:11 to your heart. I have an image I created a few years ago when I was dealing with brokeness. You are welcome to it if you would like it. You can get it here.
God Bless you sweet sister.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I will not stand for lying!! I think it is the stupid way out PLUS when you lie then have to keep it up and then you would get mixed up!! Silly practice and OH so wrong!! I always told my kids that i need the truth and lying is just NOT ACCEPTED EVER!!

Blessings, Sandy

Lily said...

It's hard to go through that type of abuse. Our parents are supposed to support and encourage us as we grow. Sadly, it's not something that happens much these days. I am thankful to have a God who loves me regardless and encourages me daily. Although our parents play a huge part in our lives, they are not where our identity is's in our Heavenly Father.