Saturday, February 2, 2008

Delighting In The Details

All of my life, I have been very negative about myself. I bought into what certain people said about me. When my dad told me that I was fat, and would never amount to anything, I believed him. When his favorite thing to call me was a very bad curse word, I believed him. When kids at school made fun of me, I believed them. Well, I have been delighting in some new details recently. God created me in His image, and He is awesome. God does not make junk, so I am somebody. I am worthy, because God loves me. The only opinion that matters, is that of my precious Saviour. I am a daughter of the King, that makes me a princess. That is truly something to delight over. Thank You Father.


Heather said...

Wonderful, Denise! God doesn't make junk, and He made you. So that makes you precious to Him!

Heather@Mommymonk said...

Amen Girl! He made you in His image - wonderful.

Mel's World said...

Amen Denise! You are God's Masterpiece and HE, the creator of the Universe, details in every single detail about you!! Rest in THAT and know that He doesn't do anything half my dear sister, are fearfully and WONDERFULLY made!

Have a great weekend!

Joyce said...

Your an "overcomer"....hang in there.
This is my first visit to your site. I just wanted to encourage you to "hang in there" and not to be distressed...God is in control and aren't we ALL thankful for that!
I know so many people (including myself) that need a healing "Touch" from the Lord and we are going to just trust Him to work in your life now as well. good friend Joanie LOVES "tomato sandwhiches" funny. I've never ate one they do not sound appealing to me at all. :-)
Stay warm up there in Tenn. the sun is shining here today.
Be blessed,

The Trier and Jen said...


I love what he made when he made you :)



According to HIS Power said...

I Love You, my friend. Just the beautiful way that God made you. :o)

Praying for your health,


Bernadine said...

You're a beautiful gift from God and I'm glad you're delighting in the fact that he made you you and he didn't make any mistakes.
Still praying said...

I love you and you are made perfect in HIM!! Grams

lori said...

AMEN!! Many of us fell into believing what "THEY" told us...some of us were put down and some artifically lifted up....the TRUTH lies in HIM and what he created....WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL, no more, no less loved!!
what a beautiful detail!!!

Angela (Gran) said...

You are an AWESOME beautiful woman...made perfectly awesome in his image. You reflect the true image of our wonderful father!

I Love You, Denise!!!

Gretchen said...

He broke the mould after he made the one of a kind beautiful, encouraging, hopeful, faithful Denise. You ARE His princess. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

P.S. I heard all those negative tapes, too, from growing up. It's time that we accepted the truth--God think's we're lovely. ;)

Tiffany said...

Amen sister, AMEN!!!!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful, vulnernable post with us! It is so true of so many of us. The evil one tries to use everything and everyone he can in this world to rip us to shreds...I speak from experience also. You have a precious and beautiful heart for God! Keep shining!