Saturday, January 12, 2008

God Stop Friday

Patty at Girlfriends In God has started and will be hosting "God Stop Friday" A God Stop is "Savoring The Observable Presence" of God. It can be anything/any way God goes out of His way to make Himself known to you: Answered prayer, An occurrence that is not a coincidence, Conviction, etc. I was blessed with a God stop moment this week, and I am very grateful for it. We live in apartments, and recently things have gotten really bad here. Murders, fires, drug busts, you name it. Well, Wednesday night, they busted a meth lab in our building. So, of course, this was very stressful to us. My Father knew how upset I was due to all of this happening, so right in the middle of it, He presented me with a God stop moment. Living upstairs in our building, there is a single man who has always given me a very uneasy feeling. He constantly walks around outside at all hours carrying a knife, or box cutter, or some type of weapon. Lovely neighbors!! They truly need prayers, I circle them in my prayers. Well, today, we were up at the laundry mat, and the owner of the apartments came in while we were there. She told us that the man has been evicted for not following apartment rules. Thank You my sweet Father for such a God stop moment.


Patty said...

Denise I am so excited you wrote about this and joined us!! This is a GodStop and a BIG one at that! You have such a sweet and kind heart. I pray that you have a blessed and peaceful weekend and I LOVE your blog!!!


Sharon said...

There is a song done by Amy Grant a long time ago-
Angels watching over me every where I go
Angels watching over me

I think you have some mighty angels watching for you.They take great honor watching out for the daughter of the King.

Nise' said...

Thank you Lord for watching over Denise and Eddie, for protecting them and working things out over this situation!

Heather@Mommymonk said...

He is watching over His sweet daughter!