Saturday, December 8, 2007

Know And Tell Friday

1)What makes you cry? Seeing other people hurting, sad movies 2) (Hopefully this question will bring a little comic relief your way)I am assuming everyone goes to their gyno for their regular checkups.... What do you do when you are getting you pap smear done? I stare at the ceiling, and pray for it to be over as soon as possible, lol 3) (If you have recovered from question 2)Dream Job (Being a wife and a mother is probably the number one answer, so for this question name your dream job. I would love to be a professional singer. Bonus Question (Going Deeper...)What is one thing that you struggle with presently, or struggled with in the past, that you hope does not get passed down to your children? I do not have children, but if I did, I would want them to have more self confidence than I do.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Lets see so many questions this morning...Okay what makes me cry..a very sad movie usually; Well i just try to think of something to say and it is over with in a flash; Dream job: I had it!! Wife to a great man and mother to three grown wonderful children; My struggles will always be financially I think. God just does not think that hubby and i should be rich in money but just rich in each other and in HIM...Sandy

Sharon said...

Oh the fun of a female check up.
I used to think it would not be so bad with a female doctor. Nope!
Let's face it-it is just never going to be on the top of my list for things I want to do.
And yes, looking at the ceiling counting the tile. Mine has a poster up there that actually talks about not worrying because most of the things we worry about never take place.

Toknowhim said...

Thanks for participating and thank you for always being so positive when you leave a comment. Blessings to you today!!

Sarge Charlie said...

I just stumbled in here from somewhere, I like your Christmas theme. Stop by for a cup and cookie. said...

Oh hehe Sarge Charlie came by of all days!! giggle!! Ok I am ok!!

I hate the pap smear thing too!!
I cry when I read your posts sometimes and Connie's from Little Red Hearts from God! They move my heart with love for God!
Love you! and I am shut in with the snow and Ice!

Mary said...

LOL I love Grams post. Sarge Charlie picked the perfect day and I am laughing my head off, which is the first time since this afternoon. (See my post for today to find out why)

Anyway... The Pap thing... I talk to my GYN. She is very friendly and is the doctor who took care of me when I had cervical cancer. She knows the day my oldest grandson was born and always asks after him. We are on friendly terms, which makes it easier.

My dream job... to be published author, which I am. It's nice to have your dreams realized.

Makes me cry... anything that hurts my grandsons. Otherwise, I am not a crier, but rarely a news item (about soldiers or children) will bring tears.

The last question I'm going to leave for now, but did enjoy taking part.

Blessings and love,

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

oh sweet thing...

I bet you'd rock as a singer... Gospel music I bet... smile
and you would be a dynamite mom...

I have my dream job... Hospice Nursing is my most favorite job in all my 27 years as a nurse...
other than a mom and wife, of course.

There is not enough cyberspace to write about what I struggle with... LOL

I love you sweet one


According to HIS Power said...

Love you, my friend. This was funny! Julie

Tiffany Stuart said...

I enjoyed reading words from your heart.