Sunday, December 2, 2007

Faith Walking Devotional 3

Faith Walking
What part of Paul’s life story do you identify with?: What we do in this life has consequences now, and in eternity.
Is there anyone else in the Bible that you feel a similar life connection to?: Yes, Ruth
Think about some of the women, like Ruth, Naomi, Hannah, Sarah, or even one of the apostles. Look at those stories, and others in the Bible, praying for God to give you a personal understanding of what Galatians 1:15 means for you.: God shined His precious grace on me, therefore, I should show grace to others with a very willing heart.
The Next Step
Take some time to think over your life and ask the Lord to show you what transformation stories He’d like you to share with others. Consider writing them down as a way of finding the words to share these stories. Pick a time to reveal a precious story with a close friend, spouse, your children, or even on your blog.: I feel a connection with Ruth, she chose to stay with her mother in-law. She had such a beautiful relationship with Naomi, showing much love, loyalty, and faithfulness to her. She did not have to do this, it was a decision she made with her heart. I chose to take care of my dear Momma, we had such a precious relationship. It was not a job to take care of her, it was a true honor.