Monday, December 10, 2007

Be A Blessing This Christmas, Let Your Light Shine

Christmas should not be about what you get, but what you give away. Open your heart this Christmas, let the love out, and the blessings in. Here are a few ways that I have tried to help others this Christmas season. 1) I took two names off of the angel tree at Walmart, and bought gifts for a boy, and a girl. 2) I donated food to our local annual Christmas food drive, and a check. 3) I took some gifts to our local childrens hospital. 4) I took some gifts to our local center for the blind, and donated some money. Be blessed everyone.


Sharon said...

I think our Daddy God in Heaven is pleased with what has been done in His name.
When our hearts our filled with His love it can't help but spill out and touch others.
Thank you for joining hands with us in the name of our Lord.
Love ya girl.

Mary said...


You really let your light shine. Thanks for taking the names off the tree and helping the hospitals, as well as donating food. You were a HUGE blessing this Christmas.

And thank you also for joining with Sharon and I on this project.

Love and blessings, my friend.
Mary said...

You did good!! You have been a blessing!! Love, Grams

Gretchen said...

You are an open heart and a blessing to so many, dear Denise. Thank you for loving others as Jesus loves us. xxxooogretchen

Andrea said...

You have blessed many by your acts of kindness, generosity and love.

Peace to you, sister.