Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Be A Blessing This Christmas, Let Your Light Shine

Sharon at Sit With Me Awhile and Mary, from http://maryswritingnook.blogspot.com/ would like to encourage the women and men in our blogging community to start a sweet tradition.They would like to get everyone involved-even the children.
They want to be a blessing in His name this year.They would like you to come up with an idea that will enable you to reach out to someone in need during this Christmas season. If you are already involved in some type of Christmas giving tradition, They would like to hear about that too.Here are some ideas:
*Collect food for a food bankShoeboxes by Franklin Graham
*Angel Tree-they provide gifts for children with parents in jail
*Collect donations for a local charity
*Bake cookies for a nursing home
*Decorate a room at a nursing home for Christmas
*Let your children make Christmas cards for soldiers in Iraq
*Send a care package to a soldier
They want your ideas.On November 12th, they will ask you to post your ideas and link back here:http://maryswritingnook.blogspot.com/ or here:http://slgb65.blogspot.com/ so that others can get some ideas.They will give you a month to complete your adventure in giving.If you have children or grandchildren- please get them involved. We have been given so much-let’s show them how great it feels to be a blessing during this time of the year.If you have children involved -maybe you could interview them and let the post be about their responses. And , if you can take pictures we would love to see them..Once your post is up come back here:http://maryswritingnook.blogspot.com/ or here:http://slgb65.blogspot.com/ and we will have another Mr linky up so that we can all share in the joy.
Our final post will be on the 10th of December. After you have your post up come back and add your post to Mr Linky.
Lets be a blessing in His name this year. Please be thinking-spread the word and come back here:http://maryswritingnook.blogspot.com/ or here:http://slgb65.blogspot.com/on November 12th to join with us. Let’s choose to reach out in the name of our Lord and be a blessing and a light.


Sharon said...

Cool thanks for passing the word. They can link back to Mary or me. We will both have Mr Linky up on the 12.
Don't forget to take pictures is you can.
Thanks girl!
Fun! Fun!

Donetta said...

Sounds fun! I trust your having a great day!