Friday, October 26, 2007

A thru Z- X is not for Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner, such a wonderful time of the year. Time to celebrate the birth of our dear Saviour, and gather with family and friends. I love everything involved with the holidays:decorating, singing Christmas carols, cooking, giving gifts, sending Christmas cards. But, one thing that really upsets me about Christmas, is those who try to take Christ out of it. Seasons greetings, happy holidays, are lovely things to say to one another,but merry xmas, no way!! I refuse to accept that, I will never leave Christ out of Christmas. He is what Christmas is all about, He is the greatest gift we were ever given. Please, do not leave Him out of Christmas, or out of your life.


Sandi said...

I agree 100% someone once said it is quicker to write. I said when it comes to Christ show respect and write it out. I am bold when I see xmas I tell the writer I'm offened. I was also one told the x stand for the cross, can you beleive that excuss!

Sharon said...

Getting ready to go get ready to leave the house for a few hours.
So I wanted to stop in and say, HI! before the mad rush of the weekend started.
Have a beautiful day.
And Yes--I am taking Him with me. :) said...

How true is this!! I hate the way they want Jesus out of Christmas now days... This is a great post! Love You, Carolyn

Mary said...

I agree. It is Christmas and the Christ should remain in it.


Anonymous said...

This upsets me also. I will have to say, when we lived in Mexico, it was not commercialized, so Christmas was celebrated for it's true meaning! This was great for my children!

jen said...

I agree
last year as always we went to church
and I also started a new tradition and made Jesus a birthday cake

BTW Ive tagged u

Sharon said...

Totally agree!!

Bernadine said...

I'm in total agreement with you on this.