Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Amazing Woman Award

Today, my beautiful new friend Mary, from over at honored me, and deeply touched my heart. She blessed me, with the amazing woman award. Here is what she said about it:"I read your story on your blog this morning and you are amazing. I would like to present you with this "Amazing Woman Award." This award is only presented to women who have walked through the fire and came out stronger. I hope you enjoy it.

Mary Thank you dear one, may you be blessed, as you have blessed me. I love you.


Mary said...


After reading your story, I just had to present you with that award. I'm glad you liked it.

Wishing you abundant blessings.


According to HIS Power said...

You deserve this, Denise! you truly are amazing! love, Julie

Sharon said...

You truly deserve this award dear friend!

Allison said...

AWESOME! I love the new blog design too :0) said...

You really do deserve this lovely award!! You are Amazing! Love and Hugs, Carolyn

Unashamed said...

Yes, I'd have to say that "amazing" is definitely a word that describes you! Congratulations dear one.

Donetta said...

I think amazing describes you to a "t" sis, I have so many wonderful things to tell you god had me busy about his work late into the night. I love you thanks for the devotionals and poems.
Love you My Friend.

Sharon said...

What a beautiful award.
You have been walking through the fire haven't you?
How are you feeling?

Vicki said...

You *are* amazing! And loved by our amazing Lord. God bless you, my sister friend.