Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You Make Me Smile Award

Grams over at blessed me today with the you make me smile award. She is the one who really makes me smile, thanks grams, love you very much. This is what the person that created this award says about it, the thing that I love most about blogging is that I learn so much about a person just by reading their blog. I have met MANY wonderful people with wonderful stories to tell,and I am grateful every day for each person that I have the pleasure of crossing paths in life with.I wanted to create something special for the top ten people who have inspired me through their blogging; the stories they tell, and the lives that they lead with grace and dignity. I visit their blogs for inspiration and encouragement.Although there are MANY people I want to give this award to at this very moment, I am going to choose ten bloggers:Please grab your badge and wear it proudly, and pass it on because you inspire and encourage me, thank you. So, now it is my turn to pass it on. Here are the ten bloggers I choose: 1)Allison over at, she is such a dear sweet friend, and always makes me smile. 2)Connie over at, this lady inspires everyone that visits her blog, she daily makes me smile. 3)Donetta over at, this lady is a dear friend, she inspires me to be a better person, and gladly shares her smiles. 4)Crystal over at, this lady is such a faithful warrior for the Lord, she sweetly passes along smiles daily. 5)Lynn over at, this lady is so special to me, and many others. She is a precious prayer warrior, and daily makes my heart smile. 6)Terri over at, there are not enough words to describe this lady, she is so filled with grace and love. My heart smiles everytime I think about her. 7)Jen over at, this lady is a true friend, constantly prays for me, and keeps me smiling. 8)Sharon over at, this lady is a sweetheart, she loves the Lord with all she is, and it shows. She makes everyone smile. 9)Gretchen over at, this lady delights my heart, she is such a heart blessing. Her blog always makes me smile. 10)Anita over at, this lady has been my friend for awhile now, and that is a true blessing. She always can bring a smile to my face. I love you all very much, be blessed.


Sharon said...

Thank you--that brought a smile to my face. What a nice encouragement.
I needed that!

Gretchen said...

I am honored and blessed to be in such amazing company. You are a true blessing to me, Denise. You make my heart smile. xxxooogretchen

Donetta said...

Oh Dear lady. Thank you sweet heart. Big Toothy grin!

Crystal said...

Wow thank you for the nice award!
That you my friend!

Terri @ In His Hands said...

I am so honored! Thank you so much!


Jen said...

Oh thank you
I love you
You truly do make me smile

Lynn said...

Oh my gosh, I thought I left you a comment about this wonderful award on Wednesday.

I am humbled you would think of me. Jesus is my author and I honor Him with your sweet words.

Shortybear, you are one of the best examples of a devoted and kind friend. I am so glad God brought us together. I am sending you a giant hug.

Thank you.... Thank you.... Thank you.... Love you, me

Lynn said...


I would have picked these women as well. Many times they have encouraged me. I see Jesus in them. Well done!

Allison said...

Aww my sweet friend thank you so much :) Sorry I haven't been commenting on your posts or emailing as often lately, but with the new townhouse, student teaching and such, things have been so hetic as I am sure you can imagine :) But thank you so much my friend - you are such a blessing to me and I pray for you daily!


Unashamed said...

Thank you sweetie. I missed this earlier, but I just wanted to tell you I am so glad that you are my friend!