Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Am Bible Study-Lesson 14

1. We talked of the importance of encouragement when God has called us to task. Has a lack of encouragement, or even ridicule, ever taken you back to a place of insufficiency, you thought you had conquered? Recently, the devil has tried to use my health issues against me, really tried to discourage me. But, he is not going to succeed. Regardless of my health, God is on my side, helping me to stand, when I cannot stand on my own. I praise Him for that.
2. Is there someone you know right now who is attempting a new ministry that could use a word of encouragement from you? Why do you think this thing may be scary for her? Will you commit to write a note, make a call, or send an email with a dose of courage inside? I send ecards, and emails daily. We all need to encourage one another.
3. Read Moses' song in Exodus
15:3-18. What line speaks to you most? Why does it touch you? 13 "In your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed. In your strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling. Gods love is unfailing, people will fail you, but God only wants to love you.
4. Based on the applications of living either inside or outside the Promise, where would you now say you currently reside? (As I read your answers, if this one point seems to have been confusing, I'll elaborate in a separate post. Again remember I am asking this question in terms of abundant living and not in determining salvation. Inside the promise, by the grace of God.
5. If you are 'Somewhere in the Middle' between the girl you were, and the one you want to be, how do you plan on changing that? Is there a barrier you feel you can't climb? Knowing God is for you, and this study group is for you, is there a way we can help? I want to be the girl my Father wants me to be, the apple of my Fathers eye. Knowing that God is for me, truly makes my heart smile.


Sharon said...

Good morning girl!
I agree with you on number 5.
I think if I could always keep my eyes on His face and could see that look of affirmation life would be so different.
One day we will see Him face to face and it will all have been worth while.
I pray you feel the presence of our Lord near today.

Donetta said...

Our words have the power of life or death.
Spoken well. :)

MiPa said...

Thank you so much for sharing. Praying for you as you fight the health issues. Praying that Satan is not able to even whisper anything to you in that regard. Blessings.