Saturday, September 15, 2007

Heart Blessings

Today in my mailbox, I received a heart blessing from a precious friend. It truly touched my heart, made it smile extra big. God always knows what we need, and when we need it. My heart was needing a lift, I have not been feeling very well recently, and my eyes are really hurting me. My friend sent me a lovely card, and a beautiful cross that she made for me with her sweet caring hands. I have it hanging on my computer, it really refreshes me everytime I look at it. Thanks my forever friend, your gift of love and friendship are forever appreciated. I love you bunches.


Anonymous said...

Good morning! That was really sweet of the person for sending you a hug! I said a prayer for you today. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Take care,
Karen said...

This was so sweet of the person to send this to you!! A Big hug from me too!!!

Donetta said...

:) The love was wrought by another's hand. It was a precious treasure shared.