Sunday, September 23, 2007

Eye Doctor Appointment

Well, this afternoon was my eye appointment. I did not receive any good news. I have diabetic retinopathy in both eyes, and in my left eye, which is the eye that still has the cataract in it, I have arteriovenous nicking. My vision in my left eye is better than the vision in my right eye, and my right eye is the eye I had surgery on. But, the vision in my left eye is terrible. Diabetic retinopathy is weakening and leaking of the blood vessels in your eye. My right eye has been leaking blood. Arteriovenous nicking is narrowing of the artery in your eye, it is caused from high blood pressure. I have turned this all over to God, cannot carry this load by myself. He is truly carrying me right now. I am really concerned about Eddie, he is not handling all of this news very well. Please pray for Eddie to be able to handle all of this, and not lose his faith. I love you all, be blessed.


Jen said...

Im sori about your news
God is good though
I am praying that He gives Eddie strength and courage

Donetta said...

Oh Honey I'm sorry such hard news. I know it has to be so hard on both of you. I can only imagine the hurt both of you are going through. If Dash has ushers I may face this with him. I know that it will be so greatly missed if your sight goes. I am so grateful for all that Father is and has done with and for you yet this is great sorrow too. How may I comfort such loss. How may I encourage and console as this is just horrible news. It is understandable to have a great line of feeling and expressions. Be gentle with yourselves. It is understandable to even feel great anger at this.
I love you, hubby and I are with you both in prayer.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

No, this is not good news at all!! I can understand how Eddie must be feeling!! He loves you and does not want this to be happening to his sweet wife!! Only God knows what you need and I know you already know that yourself. I will keep praying for the both of you....

According to HIS Power said...


You are daily such an encouragement to me! I am so sorry for this news but we know that it all will work for HIS good. I will keep praying for you and now I will pray for your precious husband as well. Lean on the Lord and the love of your fellow Christians! we are here to carry you through.

Love and Prayers,

Allison said...

Praying for you both my good friend! Your faith in the Lord through all of this really is inspiring. May His perfect will be manifested! Love to you my friend!!!

Sonya said...

My heart just aches for you and Eddie...praying for you both. Always know our Lord is very much in control.
I have to say this: I just love the music on this web blog....It is so uplifting!

Love you much,
many prayers,