Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

. February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. It lands on the calendar one day after National Do Something for a Grouch Day (February 16) which somehow feels related. Perhaps the 16th ,inspired the 17th?

Tell about a time you performed a random act of kindness, or were the recipient of one. Will you make an effort to perform a random act of kindness, on the 17th? Share details if you're so inclined, and if you have something specific in mind. Last year, my husband and I were at the meat market, when we got up to the register to pay for our purchases, we were totally surprised, when we were told, that someone had told them they wanted to pay for our purchase, and to also give us a $50.00 gift certificate.

2.What's the most uplifting, or encouraging thing, you see happening in the world right now? You may have to dig deep for this one. Here in Chattanooga, when two of our navy recruiting centers were attacked, and some of the men were killed, the people here in Chattanooga really gathered around, and supported each other. Nooga Strong!!

3. Black olives, black currants, black grapes, black beans, blackberries, Oreos...your favorite food the color of night? Your least favorite on the list? Favorite-Blackberries. Least favorite-Black beans.

4. A while back I read (
here) a list of twelve things you should do before you turn 50. They were-

travel when you have the chance, take care of your skin, learn a foreign language, make exercise a habit, leave a toxic situation, stop caring what others think about you, stop worrying, volunteer, spend time with your grandparents, pledge to work less, learn to cook an amazing dish, and seize an opportunity as it arises

What do you think of the list? What would you add, or remove, and why? If you're over 50, have you done all 12? If you're not yet 50, have you done any at all? What's on the list, that you haven't done, but would like to do? Good list. Would not add, or remove anything from the list. I turned 52 in November, have not done all 12. I wish I could stop caring what others think about me, and stop worrying.

5. Besides the classic Christmas flicks, what's your favorite film,where winter plays a part in the setting? The Revenant

6.When did you last feel helpless, and what did you do about it? Last March, I attempted suicide.

7. Share a favorite proverb. Proverbs 3:5-Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.

8. Insert your own random thought here. Help turn someone's frown upside down. Share a smile everyday!!


Shilpa Chandrasekheran said...

Happy finding your page . Good post indeed

from our home ✂ to yours said...

Have blessed day Denise

Haddock said...

I believe in that .... travel when you have the chance.

Ida JT said...

I use the wheelchair and when people help me around, I feel blessed to have met them.

Paula Kaye said...

Enjoyed your honesty with your answers. I think many of us wish we didn't care what others think of us!!

Geraldo Maia said...

Olá Denise,
I am happy to be visiting again. your cultural space. The daily records in the form of diary is a way of expressing the culture ..
Have a nice day.


Oh I remember the first time I had black beans....let me tell you, it was gag city. Not the taste but the color and texture. I ordered a burrito at a Mexican restaurant and when it arrived at the table, I cut into it with a fork and the out of the tortilla and it looked like TAR!! Needless to say, I was hungry enough to eat it. Not bad.

And....your worries about others liking you....dear MUST love yourself first. The rest comes easy. We love you dearly.

Debby Ray said...

I appreciated reading your hodgepodge answers, Denise! Enjoy the rest of your week :)


Stopping by from WHP. Loved your answers. Have a great week.

LeAnn said...

I always enjoy reading your hodgepodge post. You have great ideas. I love that there is a Radom act of kindness day. I have tried it before and it is a very sweet experience. As far as the world goes; there are a lot of wonderful humanitarian things that our church is involved in. There is an activity in April that will involve about 200 plus women that will meet at our church building and put together various packets for humanitarian efforts. It's a huge project. It will be a fun one to be involved in.
Have a sweet rest of the week! Hugs~

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That was so sweet of that person at the grocery store. I love Blackberries, just bought some yesterday. To stop worrying is very hard for women. Hope you have a nice weekend.

Jennifer Saake said...

Miss you around Facebook! {{{hug}}}

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

It's so cool that you and I both have been thinking of Proverbs 3:5-6 this week! Great verse!
Lisa :O)