Saturday, November 7, 2015

This Is Me Challenge

*How is your overall health? Not very good.
*Have you had any surgeries? Yes-Carpel Tunnel on both wrists, Gallbladder removed, Three sinus surgeries, Complete Hysterectomy, Triple bypass.
*Have you had any broken bones?  Yes-broken ankle, broken nose, broken toe.
*Do you have allergies? Yes, allergic to penicillin.
*What are you doing, to keep healthy now? exercising, trying to eat better.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

You certainly have had some health struggles. My husband's health is more like yours in some ways. He is doing well now which is awesome. I have had a tonsillectomy as a child, a broken ankle, a broken toe and strange kinds of diagnosis. I have Sarcoidosis that has been in remission for years. This was a miracle through a priesthood blessing. I had a prolactinoma in the pituitary for many years. I had knee surgery to remove a cyst. Then I have some old age struggles.
I am finding it challenging as I age.
Blessings, love and hugs for you dear girl~