Wednesday, October 28, 2015

31 Day Writing Challenge

This post is #28 in my series, 31 Days of Life Stories. Hundreds of writers are linking up at the 31 Day Writing Challenge hosted by Crystal Stine. There is a wealth of information on many topics. Go visit and see! I'll be posting under the category "Inspiration and Faith." As part of project me, I am really trying to learn, to love myself a little bit. Am I perfect, of course not, far from it. By the worlds standards, I am probably considered a total pathetic, loser. But, I do not live by the worlds standards, I live by my Fathers standards. He created me, and loves me, just as I am, flaws, and all!!


Ceil said...

Hi Denise! I remember reading many times that if we don't love ourselves, we'll make it difficult for others to love us. So yes! Work on loving and caring for yourself. It's important work.

MaryFran said...

We are perfect ...we are exactly what the Lord has decided for use to be at this minute. That's perfection.

Never Forsaken said...

You are loved by God and by me...According to our Father, you are precious...far above rubies, and Psalm 139 says it all...You were beautifully and wonderfully made!
Only Jesus is perfect and we will be too...someday!

Martha Pittman said...

I just wanted to thank you for your support on my blog. I know I am rather the extreme to yours... but thank you Denise. I appreciate it.

Joyful said...

You rock my friend. xx