Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wednesday Update

Another day has passed my friends, hope you are all doing well. Here at the Oldham's, we are alive, so we give God all the praise. Last night, I took Coco outside, so she could do her nightly business. We got out back, and she started running, I lost my balance, and fell on the parking lot. Thank God, I caught myself, or I would have hit the back of my head on the pavement. Instead, I took a hard fall on my bottom. I hurt my bottom, and hands, and trying to get up, hurt my knees. Thankfully, Coco came back, and I was able to get back to our apartment. The guy came out today to fix our back window shield on the car. Unfortunately, he said the frame around the window, is so badly bent, and damaged, it cannot be fixed. We have to get the body damage fixed first. His rough estimate, to just get the window frame damage fixed-$800.00-$1500.00 That does not include the dents in the car. I called the lawyer, never got ahold of him. Calling back early in the morning, hope fully will be able to get an appointment. Keep praying, love you all.


Gilligan Maryanne said...

I am so sorry this happened to my sweet friend :( glad you weren't hurt more than what you were.
praying you get your attorney about the car damages.
Blessings my friend

Debbie Harris said...

My prayers continue to be with you sweet Denise.
Blessings, Debbie

Never Forsaken said...

Still praying...I'm lending you my umbrella!
God's got you covered...all these things must be leading to one huge blessing, though we may not know what is going on right now...It is all in God's hands.
You are loved, and very wonder the enemy is picking on you so much right now...God must be getting quite upset with him by are going to shine through all of this, and be a good example of what a Christian should be.
It rains on the righteous and on the wicked both...But you are dancing in the rain with Jesus!

LeAnn said...

I do hope you and that hubby of yours are doing better. I hope that a few things are going good.
Heavenly Father is a God of Miracles and you will receive it I am sure. It's that timing thing that is hard. Just know that I am praying for you all and wishing you a boatload of blessings!