Friday, June 13, 2014

Love, love, love

Hello my dear friends, praying you are all happy, and preparing to enjoy a great weekend. Well, Eddie took today off as one of his vacation days. He has to work tomorrow, but will be off Sunday. He took me to the hospital for my tests, makes me feel secure knowing he is with me. Now, the waiting begins. But, that is ok, God will bring good news my way. After we left the hospital, it was still early, only 9:30. We went to breakfast. Great food, even better company. After we ate, we ran some errands, paid some bills. Came home for about an hour, long enough to take Coco out, and do some things here at home. Then we were off again. Went to Walmart for a few things, then went to get Eddie's weekly allergy shot. When we left there, we came home for awhile. At work this week, Eddie won a weekly drawing prize. Woo Hoo!!  He won a slush maker. So, today, we experimented with it. Eddie made his self a blue cocoanut slush, I made myself, a sugar free cranberry slush. We are going to get alot of use out of this machine. Yummy in our tummies. Guess who else loves them??? Coco. I had to practically fight her to make her stay out of mine. Eventually, of course, I gave in, and shared with her!! Later, we had one more errand to take care of, so away we went. We were sitting at a red light, when all of a sudden, Eddie turns to me, looks me straight in my eyes, and my heart. He grabbed my hand, and said these words to me "I am hopelessly falling in love with you all over again"!! Oh my gosh, the tears started falling down my face, it was as if a dam had busted. I was totally speechless, can you believe that??? Finally, I said, lovebug, do you really mean that? He said, "With all of my heart". Thank You precious Father for answered prayers. My husband still loves me. I am truly blessed. Thanks to all of you that have been praying for us. I am forever grateful.


White Lace and Promises said...

How absolutely precious! Although I know Mr. H loves me, I don't think he would ever express it in such a romantic way. Wow! You are blessed.

Terri D. said...

What a wonderful blessing!! Beautiful.

Joyful said...

Praise God! Such an awesome report. I know how we've all been praying and believing with you for a turnaround. Happy weekend to you. xx

Dianna said...

Denise, what a special blessing! I'm glad you have your tests behind you now...and that you had the day to spend with your hubby! Have a wonderful weekend!

Grantham Lynn said...

Blessings on your new/old love.
Have a beautiful weekend,

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

So happy for your great day!!
God bless~ Lisa :O)

Debbie Harris said...

Aww Denise, that is just beautiful. What a praise to our great God!
Your heart must be filled with joy overflowing. :-)
Your day was busy, but what a blessing the two of you were together through it all.
Much love, Debbie

sweetvintageofmine said...

How ROMANTIC~~~it brought happy tears to my eyes too~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

Gilligan Maryanne said...

it is always a blessing to see you!! love your post
always brings a smile to my face

blessings my friend


Your rain gear on your blog design was an omen...the flood gates of tears flow!!! Beautiful awakening for both of you.

Never Forsaken said...

Praise Jesus!

Have a great weekend, my dear friend!
Love ya~ Lisa

Inger said...

Answered prayers, that is wonderful. All the best with your diabetes, a disease that I too have. Adult onset Type 1. Thanks for your prayers for my husband.

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Denise, Oh I am so happy for you. Nothing better then having your hubby say he loves you.
What a blessing. Enjoy the weekend and all the love your heart can hold.

Miss Rhea said...

Awe, that brings tears to my eyes. You have a very sweet man there :)

Karen said...

So wonderful!!!

Marian said...

Me alegro que pasaras tan especial día, y que te sientas feliz.
¡Gracias Denise! Un abrazo.

Grantham Lynn said...

Dinners at 7.

Joy said...

So wonderful Denise:)

Laurie Collett said...

Praise God for answered prayer! Still praying for you.

Evanir said...

Apesar de todos os desencantos,
de todos os obstáculos, das dificuldades.
ainda sim é preciso manter
a esperança que vive em você!
Estou passando para semear amor
é tudo que sei fazer ,
e tudo que posso fazer de melhor na minha vida.
È semeando amor que cultivo amizade ..
È semeando amor que encontraremos
a paz tão sonhada
Deus abençoe seu Domingo.
E sua semana também.
beijos e meu eterno carinho.
Você é muito especial para mim,
e para Deus.
Obrigada por estar sempre comigo me dando a força que tanto preciso.

Ceil said...

Oh Denise! What a wonderful answer to prayer! I am so glad that Eddie warmed your heart.
You are still in my prayers for good news with your medical report.
Ceil said...

Wonderful Denise!

YoSueño said...

Hola Denise pasaba a saludarte y decirte que me marcho unas días.Un Fuerte ABRAZO

Cathy said...

How wonderful!!

Trinity Grace said...

Blessings! I'm so happy for you.

Chatty Crone said...


Pam Williams said...

So thankful for your happy day and loving words from your hubby. Praying you get good news at your appointment.