Friday, June 6, 2014

Chats on the farmhouse porch

  1. If you could magically have a full grown tree in any place you choose, what kind would it be? Weeping Willow, my momma's favorite type of tree.
  2. Do you like scented or unscented soaps, lotions, etc? Scented
  3. What's your favorite way to cook potatoes? I love to cook cream potatoes
  4. How often do you wear jeans? Occasionally
  5. Do you trace your ancestry? ) No, but think it would be interesting.


Dianna said...

We had a Weeping Willow at our previous home. They carry quite a root system!

When you cream your potatoes, do you throw in a few peas, too? My mama's favorite thing!

Praying for you, friend!


Right now, it's too hot for jeans...jean shorts maybe. :-)

Terri D. said...

I love creamed potatoes and haven't had them in years. My mom's were so good! You just brought back a great memory for me!! Weeping Willows are calming to watch when there is a gentle breeze, but those roots can cause all kinds of damage, if they are near your home. I would wear jeans everyday if I could!! Keeping you in my prayers!

rcubes said...

Weeping willow seems mysterious and beautiful to look at at the same time...creamed potatoes sounds good especially it's barbeque season. Praying for your health and healing. Have a great weekend sister...that seemed awful you had to wait in the doctor's clinic a long time. What patience you have!!!

Joyful said...

What's your favorite scent?
Weeping Willows are so pretty! But like Dianna said they have an awesome root system and require lots of moisture.
Hope you have a beautiful day!

Joy said...

1.Mango tree 2. Scented soap and lotion 3. Creamed potatoes 4. Often. 5. I hope to do it:)

Romi C said...

Cream potatoes sounds delicious.

Have a wonderful weekend, Denise.