Monday, March 17, 2014


1- If you were a food, what would you be?  Steak
2- What breed of dog do you love most, if at all? Pit Bull
3- When pressed, what is your go-to meal? Grilled cheese sandwich
4- What was the last book you read? Bible
5- Have you ever "put a sock" on your dominant hand, and tried to live a day, using only your non dominant hand? No
6- If you could take a dream vacation, where would it be? Hawaii
7- What is your favorite tv show? Chicago Fire
8- What do you think of eating Moose!? Never, ever, ever
9- Have you ever been to Disneyworld? No
10- Who is your favorite cartoon character? Tweetybird
11- Coffee or Tea?   Tea       My friend Kendra asked me these questions. Feel free to answer them on your blog.


Anonymous said...

Neat to learn some things about you ;)

LeAnn said...

This is a fun one; thanks for sharing it. I think it helps me know you a little bit better.
I will probably try it on one of my
Blessings and hugs!

Betty Draper said...

Informative the questions.

Sharon said...

Fun to learn more about you!

My answers:

1. Maybe a dish of chocolate chip ice cream!!
2. Beagle
3. Spaghetti
4. A mystery set in the 1800's.
5. No. And I have never put a glove on my foot either - LOL!
6. I think I'd go to Hawaii, too!
7. Sporting events - I'm a huge hockey and football fan!
8. Yuck, no.
9. Yup!
10. Daffy Duck
11. Coffee (unless it's Iced Chai Tea Latte at a certain coffee place!)


Stephanie said...

How fun! And I enjoyed learning more about you :) Hugs and blessings!

Joy said...

Nice to know you more Denise:) Good idea:)