Saturday, October 19, 2013


Hello sweet friends, praying you are all doing well. I love, and miss you all.  Sorry, I have been gone again for awhile. I truly think they sent me home from the hospital way to soon. I am still feeling very sick. Nauseous, pain on my right side, constantly thirsty, diatherria, tired all the time. Sometimes, I think I am going to be sick forever, but, I know God will heal me in His time. Well, I have some news. I am leaving computer land for awhile. I will not be back until April 2014. I have got to take some time away to concentrate on my health, my marriage, and my relationship with God. I hope you will not forget about me. Please keep me in your thoughts, prayers, and heart. You will all be very much in my thoughts, prayers, and heart. Sending you love, hugs, and sweet blessings. I will miss you all very, very much.


Joyful said...

Heal up well dear Denise. I know it takes a lot of time to work on all these issues. I will pray for you as God gives remembrance. Hugs & love. xx

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Denise~ You will certainly be missed. During your time away may you feel the presence of Jesus Christ in your life and may He give you comfort and serenity.
Love you lady- take care, Lisa :O)

Alice said...

I've been wondering about you. Take care Denise, I hope to see you back in computer land next year!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Denise
You are doing what is best and that is going to make a world of difference. Prayers for you and get well wishes sent your way.
God Bless you

Cathy said...

I will miss you greatly Denise, but I truly understand this need. As you know, I am doing this myself, until I feel ready to blog again. If you find you want to keep up updated every once in a while, please do. You have my email address check in with me. I'll continue to pray for all you want to seek and receive! Love,Cathy

Ceil said...

Hi Denise! I am so sorry about your recent hospital stay! I figured something was up.

I think it's smart to take away any stress when you are trying to heal, so I know that taking a break from blogging will eliminate some of that for you. You will be in my prayers, and I hope this will be a time of peace, repair and rest.

God bless!
PS I'll miss you, but I know I'll see you in the Spring!

Sharon said...

Denise, may God truly bless you in these next few months. Selfishly, I will miss you in Blog Land. But, I think it's very courageous to take a break when you feel like you are being led to do so. I know that God is going to do mighty things in your life during this time.

Please take care of yourself. I pray for healing. I will pray for you and Lovebug, and Coco.


BumbleBeeLane said...

Will keep you in my prayers. Computer breaks are good sometimes they really do take up so much of our time. Warm Blessings! Amy

talktograms said...

I will miss you! God bless you.

Chatty Crone said...

I am so sorry you are not feeling better. I think a 6 month break is a good idea. Forget about you. Never. Love, sandie

Joy said...

We will surely miss you.much Denise, but you have to prioritize. Maybe, it will be my turn one day. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!

Peggy said...

Praise God Denise at least you are alive!

Aw Denise, So good to see something written by you here, though it is far from what I'd like to hear ... and truthfully it leaves me kinda in shock, greatly concerned for you and still praying! I know you need to rest and take care of yourself but this report does not sound good and this action plan sounds even worse!

I really don't know what I'm going to do without you or knowing how you are for 6 months, but I will keep on praying and believing for God's healing!

You have been missed greatly by me and I was so concerned about where you were or what's happened to you but will be missed even more now! Not sure if my heart (and others) will be able to take this ... I will try to trust God, for this does not seem wise. Sorry for saying so, but perhaps there is more going on. I pray that you are under medical care or that someone will be checking in on you in person because this withdrawal and isolation does not sit well with me and rings poorly. You are already in poor health and I cannot see this as helping but I will accept only because you deserve the BEST! I pray that you truly do heal and not get worse.

Happy Birthday early my dear little sis! This breaks my heart but so did seeing some of the photos you shared where you did not look so well. I will always tell it to you honestly, and honestly I love you so much as I take this matter to God!

You are a dear sister, and I will never forget you.

My blogs may die without you
but my spirit and yours will always be knitted together by God and the love we share! Sending the BIGGEST Shortybear HUG and dancing the shortybear shuffle for the last time this year and for far too long into 2014!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and a Blessed Resurrection SONday too (in case that happens before you return) we never know all that life holds... so I speak LIFE into you today and all the other happiness of holidays that I may have missed here. This is not good but it's the best I have got in me ... with this sad report! My spirit is grieved deeply.

I do hope that Lovebug completes all the promises he made you from when you did not go to that job/career interview. He made many promises and I expect as God does that he gets you both back in church! You need to be in fellowship and this is cutting you off from all Christians that care deeply for you. God help you both.

Love, grace, peace ...(((U)))
many blessings and continued prayers,
This should have been an email but I wasn't sure if you'd get it and I realize your time is very limited like your transportation and social outlets now.Please TAKE CARE of Denise and little man needs you as we all do. I hate goodbyes! or even until we meet again ...

Never Forsaken said...

I am going to miss you terribly Denise!
I always pray for you, that will never change.
I want to ask why you will not be online for six months?...I hope I am not intruding on your privacy by asking that...Is it interfering in your personal life too much, or is it because you feel too weary lately?
I worry about you becoming too isolated, my friend.
Please try to keep in touch with email, or if you prefer, maybe a letter?...just email me for my address...I would like to know how you are doing from time to time.
Love, ~IN JESUS~ Lisa

Terra said...

Oh I will miss you, but you will be concentrating on important things including your health and your marriage. Be well, and remember "the God of angel armies is always by your side."

MyJourneyBack said...

oh my word. you can't just go away. I will miss you. You make my day. You have my email. You have to stay in touch. I am just so sad to hear your not going to post. Please email me. I am not on fb a lot but I hope you keep it up.

ஐღReneeஐ said...

Keeping you and luv bug in my prayers :)

Alecia Simersky said...

Awe, I'm so sad to see you leaving us..even if it is for a little while :( I hope you are feeling better. I'll be praying, and don't worry, we could never forget about you, sweet Denise!

sweetvintageofmine said...

I'm gonna miss you Denise! Please take care of yourself...that is very important! God loves you so much and you are his daughter...he will not fail you! Give Coco a big hug and kiss for me.....Blessings and prayers~~~Roxie

LeAnn said...

I love your new layout. I am sad you won't be doing posts but I do think you are right to be doing more important things right now for you. I will look forward to when you come back.
I have been worrying about how you are doing when you haven't blog as frequently. I will keep you in my prayers.
Blessings and hugs!

Pia said...

Of course we won't forget you. you are loved, denise. we'll just be here. love ya!

Dawn Paoletta said...

I was just thinking about you this morning. I was wondering, where is my friend, Denise? Please take care. You are in my thoughts, and heart.

Jo Rose said...

Denise, thank you for your friendship. I will miss you, and I hope that God gives you rest and healing during this time. I will be praying for you!


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Gilligan Maryanne said...

You will be so missed I enjoy your smiles and your spirituality always a blessing


Paula Barnett said...

Although you will be missed, I can just see you, BEing still, listening to God speak to you. I can hear Him say, "be not afraid, I am with you" always. Finding comfort in this. For you. For me.

Love you, Denise! Here's to the Spring & the rebirth of everything!!

David C Brown said...

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

Pamela said...

You will be in my prayers, Denise. God's arms will never let you down.

ஐღReneeஐ said...

I pray all is well

GodsOwn/Bernice said...

Love YOU Denise! You came to my mind i passed by your Fb and blog! Know you will never be missed....Will always pray for you and look forward to any update.God is The Stronghold for our life forever and ever! ((Hugs))
( GodsOwn)

Christa said...

Blessings and my God refresh you with His healing power. May you feel His power working in your life. God Bless

Dorothy Crutchfield said...

Where you at girl? Hope you are doing OK. Miss you,