Saturday, September 14, 2013

God- Who He is- Yahweh Shalom

Have you ever been so frightened you have not known what to do? When you do not know where to go- go to God. Gideon found that God takes care of fear. The Lord provides, heals, and serves as our banner. Gideon discovered that God is peace. The Midianites were harassing Israel, destroying and plundering its crops. In order to hide the grain from the Midianites, Gideon was threshing wheat down in a winepress, and no one normally did that. Wheat was usually threshed on top of a hill, so the wind could carry the chaff away. The angel of the Lord came and sat under a tree. After a bit, the angel said, "Mighty hero, the Lord is with you" Then, the angel of the Lord told Gideon that God was going to use him to save Israel from the Midianites. If you think Gideon was frightened before, you should have seen him then. He came up with all sorts of excuses for why he should not be the one chosen as the mighty hero. So, the angel of the Lord revealed his power with fire from a rock, and then disappeared. Realizing he had been arguing with God Himself, Gideon was afraid. Then the Lord said to him, "It is alright, Do not be afraid. You will not die" Fear of what others may do to us, fear of what we cannot do for others, or fear of what God may do to us, if we do not do for others, all can be dealt with by Yahweh Shalom, Who is our peace.


Elizabeth said...

God our peace, yet another aspect of His nature and character that we probably don't spend enough time thinking about. Thanks for the lovely post.

LeAnn said...

This is a great biblical story. It was nice to read it in your thoughts.