Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3 Days Until 28th Wedding Anniversary

Funny Moments: When lovebug asks me to help him with his hair, in other words, help him do a comb over, lol  Then, I say to him, does my hair, I mean scalp, look ok?? lol When I have a disaster in the kitchen, which always means, I

have broken something. Usually, a glass, casserole dish, or plate. As soon as lovebug hears the crash, he comes running with the broom, and dustpan. He says, honey, do not move. He sweeps the floor, then gets the vaccuum cleaner, and vaccuums the floor. Then, and only then, am I allowed to move. He has now gotten to where, he will not buy glass products anymore. Hmmmmmm, I wonder why? I have only been doing this for 28 years!! lol  Lovebug is very hot bloodied, I am just the opposite, very cold bloodied. So, at night, when we get in bed, he does not even want to get under the covers, but, I must get under the covers!! When he finally does get under the cover, I instantly put my feet on top of his feet. Well, he nearly jumps through the ceiling, ha!! He says, honey, I love you, but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Our nicknames for each other: I call Eddie-lovebug, honey bunny, and pa. Eddie calls me-shortybear, shorty, and ma. Awwwwwwww


joy said...

Well, I am back again after more than three week vacation. And it warms my heart to read your sweet moments.
Happy anniversary and I wish both of you more happy years together:)

Anonymous said...

Do you have plans for celebrating on Saturday??? ♥♥♥

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

I am enjoying reading about your thoughts on marriage and stories of your own marriage.
Lisa :O)

The Heart's Hunger said...

happy upcoming anniversary! ... cute pictures:)

LOLITA said...

Oh, I like the illustration, Denise.

Happy Anniversary soonnnn!

Anonymous said...

im working these days if i miss your aniversary..a lots of kisses for you and a great congratulations for both

thanks for being my friend..
loves soraya


This sounds like Bud and me. We too are the opposites...Bud is cold blooded and I am hot blooded. The old saying goes: Opposites attract.

Anonymous said...

Haha this post made me smile! How cute and precious!
I'm so glad our Daddy is healing your marriage and making it produce fruit!
I call Jesus "Honey Boo Boo" and He calls me "Lily" :-)

Hugs and blessings, love you Denise ♥

Dee said...

I can relate to the hot and cold...Frank is like you...cold all the time. I am the one who has to throw the covers off. I think it is sweet you are having a count down to your anniversary day. :)

LeAnn said...

What sweet thoughts and names that you call each other. I do the same thing when we get in bed I try to warm my feet on his feet. He doesn't complain too much.
Loved this one and blessings!

Annmarie Pipa said... husband says I need a parka to sleep to stay warm!