Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Marriage Challenge- Day 2- Promote

Make a list of positive things about your husband, and then pick one or two, of those things to compliment him about today. Then, try to remember to compliment him, at least once per day for the next week. If you have not promoted him with your words in quite a while, and it seems awkward, ask God to put the words on your lips, and to soften your husbands heart to be receptive. If possible, let your husband hear you complimenting him to someone else as well.
If you can’t think of anything positive, because the weight of your troubled relationship has consumed your thoughts for so long, then pray about it. Ask God to prick your memory, or bring something to mind that you do admire about your husband, especially if lots of ugly thoughts, are crowding out positive ones. My husband Eddie is a very hard worker, and a great provider.  My husband is loyal, and dedicated. My husband is a wonderful, loving, caring, very fun uncle, to our three year old nephew. My husband is a precious blessing in my life. Thank You Father for my husband, lover, best friend, Eddie.


Gilligan Maryanne said...

this is an awesome post thank you
please email me at
something is very wrong. xoox

Marian said...

Estamos de fiesta por este Papa que Dios nos ha regalado.
Un abrazo. Dios te bendiga.

Katie said...

what a great thing to do! i need to do that!

LeAnn said...

Just very sweet thoughts and I do agree that finding things to compliment your husband on can bring great rewards.