Saturday, March 30, 2013

Marriage Challenge-Day 14- Paradigm Shift

A paradigm shift moves us from one line of thinking that we must discard, to a new line of thinking that we must embrace. That new thinking, could be exactly what God is calling us to do, to not only change our own marriages, but to begin changing the broken patterns, of this world.
Your last, and final challenge is this:
1) Consider whether or not you might need to embrace a paradigm shift in your way of thinking about your marriage, and/or your husband. Consider whether or not you have been expecting your husband to meet all of your expectations, and if you could benefit from asking God, to fill those empty spaces in your heart, that it seems your husband can never fill.
2) Make a list of the things you “expect” of your husband. Make a list of the needs that you “expected” your husband to fill, when you got married. Then, ask God to begin helping you see what expectations you have placed on your husband, that in fact, only God can really meet. Pray for your husband to be attentive to the needs, that only he can fill.
This is a tough challenge, because our thoughts are pulled into thinking “why should I change? He is the one who needs to change? He is the one who did this/that/and the other. What good does it do for me to change, if he refuses to change, or acknowledge the changes in me?”
I’m with you sister. I get it. Just remember, that we only have control over our own thoughts, and actions, but when we change our mindset, we might not only see things in a different light, but we also might become a role model, that will inspire our husbands to embrace a personal metamorphosis as well.
The pattern of this world would be to point fingers, but the pattern of God would be to point to Him for guidance. With His help, our life and our marriages, can emerge from the cocoons, and become beautiful butterflies. The old will be gone, and the new will take its place.
God is the King of transformation. The Master of metamorphosis.
And even if the circumstances of your marriage don’t change right way – you will.              Father, Please help me to turn to You, to fill these empty places deep inside of me. I do not want to set unrealistic expectations upon my husband. Help my husband to desire to meet certain needs that I have, I pray that he would begin to pay more attention to me, like he use to. May I search my heart, and mind, and begin to change from within, to be renewed. I pray that soon, I will leave this old cocoon, and morph into a lovely butterfly. Then, help my husband to begin his journey into leaving his cocoon. Amen.


Marian said...

¡Feliz Pascua de resurrección!
¡Aleluya! Unidas en oración.
Un abrazo. Bendiciones!!!

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

What a great post. We can not change anyone but ourselves, with God's help that is. And we can trust God to work in our husbands lives, but we have to be patient.
Have a great day, Lisa :O)

Saleslady371 said...

It's never only one person in the relationship that is all wrong. Blaming is wrong and Jesus, indeed, is the need meeter for all of us.
Bless you!

LeAnn said...

Lovely closing thoughts to your many wonderful ideas on marriage. As I stated before these ideas would make a great book. Thanks for all of your thoughts; which were open and honest.
Blessings and love to you!