Thursday, March 28, 2013

Marriage Challenge- Day 13- Partner

DAY 13 CHALLENGE: Embrace the role of being your husband’s PARTNER/HELPER/COMPANION
The challenge today is to consider whether or not, you are  giving God your “first crops”, and secondly, are you giving your husband your “first crops”. Are you giving God your very best, and are you giving your husband, your very best? Despite emotions, feelings, circumstances, and memories  of the past?
Is there anything in your heart, that is preventing you from being able to offer those “first crops”? Have your wedding promises to each other, become a dusty memory? Have you given any thought lately to the importance of being your husband’s helper, companion, and partner, in every sense of the word?
Sometimes it is hard to give selflessly, especially if that help/companionship/partnership is not being given in return. But I do believe, that if someone takes the first step, other steps, will follow by both people involved. But, even if we don’t see immediate progress, we can still rest in knowing that God is doing a great thing in us, and through us, and we can always feel good about that.
Pray about this concept of “first crops” today if needed, and ask God to help you remember to give Him, and your husband, your very best.                                                                                             Father, Help me to always want to give You, and my husband, my first crops. I want to be a good helper, companion, and partner, in every way. I never want to be selfish in my marriage. I want to help my marriage, not hurt it. Please help me Father, forgive me for my failures. Amen.


Dieneke said...

Thank you Denise. I want to pray your prayer!

sweetvintageofmine said...

A beautiful word....FIRST! This spoke to me! Blessings to you this EASTER Resurrection Day~~~Roxie

Kimberly A Edwards said...

Denise, I LOVE this series. Some great, beautiful inspiring words! Thank you for allowing GOD to use you. Praise HIM!

LeAnn said...

Lovely advice and I enjoy reading your thoughts.