Monday, November 5, 2012

Marriage Monday-Group Topic:Gender

Here's your chance to reflect on the mystery of male and female.    Compare and contrast, the ways that you and your spouse express your Christian faith. My husband and I both believe in the Lord, and love Him. But, our way of expressing that love, and belief, are very different. I love going to church, singing in the choir, teaching, being involved in prayer groups, revivals, any type of church activity. My husband does not want to go to church, or when he does go to church, does not want to be involved in any way. All he does is warm the pew. I enjoy Bible studies, and devotions. He does not, and will not, participate in any type of Bible study. I love to pray, he will pray occasionally. I accept whatever the Lord has planned for my life, bad and good. My husband gets mad at God, when things do not go the way he wants them to. I believe totally in the Bible, 100%. My husband thinks some of the Bible is like a fairy tale. One thing is for sure, we both need the Lord to guide our every footstep, now, and forever.


Christina Morley said...

Hi Denise! It's been a while! I'll pray for your husband and for you. God will work in him. His ways are not our ways. When you pray, leave your prayer at His feet and trust that He is doing something. We don't go to church, by the way, but we also love the Lord. God bless!

Tina - American mom raising 4 kids in South Africa

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Alecia said...

Many couples today experience the same type thing you described here. One wants to go to church and be involved while the other doesn't. Only God can guide us to what's right and change hearts. Blessings to you sweet Denise.

Terra said...

Your heart for Jesus shows and in some ways, it for Jesus to reach out and pull people to him. He is all powerful and we are not.

Dee said...

Some people have a harder time with full surrender. The good news is the Lord see's into your husbands heart and will meet with Him where he is at. Your dedicated christian walk can be more than a sermon to your husband. keep praying. HUGS

Lisa Maria said...

Hello Denise. Keep praying for your husband...God answers our prayers in His timing.

Once upon a time, this used to be me and my husband. When God was ready He gave him a little jolt in the right direction and then he surpassed me in zealousness for God. My own father also was like that, worse in fact. My mother kept on praying for him and, praise God, he experienced conversion before he died. Don't lose faith or hope...God loves him too and wants him to be in heaven.

God bless you both...praying for you!

Cathy said...

Praying for your two, dear friend. Love you ~

e-Mom said...

Hi Denise:

It sounds like you and your husband share a genuine faith. Amen.

Unfortunately, modern churches tend to meet the needs of women far better than they do men.

We certainly felt that way as a couple, until we changed churches a year ago. I blogged about our experience in this post, How to Find a Church that Men Will Love I hope you will take a peek.

Thanks for linking up today!

Hugs, e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Kerin Lee said...

Sending prayers for you and your husband!

nice A said...

It's good you love each other despite your differences in the way you show your faith in God.
My husband used to be like yours in many ways but I thank God for changing Him. I never gave up on him instead I prayed much harder for him. Now, he is more involved in the church and even in our family worships. He never wanted to pray before but now, he can lead the prayer even in the church.

Constance said...

I think the word acceptance gets a bad reputation. I think people tend to think it means you have resigned yourself, settled, etc. I think God has us in seasons for a reason. It might very well be that the differences in the way the both of you think about church, serving, the Bible, etc is an opportunity for God to meet more and more of your needs. As He becomes more, we become less. I have found in my own life that the more I have to depend on God to be my all sufficiency, the more at peace I am within myself.

Hugs today,

Faith said...

I will say a prayer for you and your husband and that he would want to be with other Believers in fellowship. and I like what the person (Connie) said...lots of wisdom there!! God bless you for being so open and vulnerable in this post.